Frazetta's Rogers And Out!

Buck Rogers was enormously successful on the comics page and made his way into the comic books via Famous Funnies which reprinted the comic strip yarns. Toward the end of the Famous Funnies run, Buck Roger became the cover feature and it's a grand thing too. Frank Frazetta was tapped to create the covers for many of these comics and they are simply magnificent. Here is the complete run of Frazetta covers.

The image above is the first of these I ever remember seeing. It was reproduced in black and white in the History of Comic Strips, a tome I would check out the library on a regular basis. It's spectacular to see the art in glorious color.

Apparently there was at least one Buck Rogers cover produced by Frazetta which was not run by Famous Funnies as it neared its cancellation.

Instead Frazetta converted the art into a exotic and wildly active cover for an issue of EC's Weird Science-Fantasy.

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Frazetta's Rogers And Out!