How to make your relationship stronger this Valentine’s Day?

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Relationship Advice On Valentine's

How to make your relationship stronger this Valentine’s Day?

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Valentine’s day is not about making only a single day of the year special for the love of your life. It is a gentle reminder that rings a bell every year to remind you what you need to do every day to build a healthy and successful relationship with your partner. There a few things which you need to practice and profess in daily life to make your relationship stronger and Jeevika Sharma, Guidance Counsellor and Tarot expert talks about them on this Valentine’s week.

1. Communication is the key. It is the most important factor without which any relationship would die. Talk about all the problems or issues you have with your partner as calmly as possible so you both could discuss and resolve any lurking problem. If you do not express yourself, you will eventually create resentment leading to hatred amongst each other.

2. Accept when you are wrong and apologize. You should not hurt your partner physically, verbally, or even mentally. An apology will only aid in eliminating the guilt inside you and will make the other person respect you more. If you think accepting your fault or an apology will lower your self-esteem or self-respect then you need to change your perspective. This goes for both men and women.

3. Plan small occasional surprises for your partner to keep the spark alive. It can be a lunch or a dinner date, a trip to a calm and soothing place, some adventurous activities, etc. And, don’t neglect your family and friends as it will only reflect poorly on your capability to keep a relationship forever.

4. Make an effort to understand your partner. Listen to what they are saying. Develop an understanding with your partner for the relationship to work. Try to understand their perspective and make them understand your perspective too. And for this, you need to be open and accept anything.

5. Insecurities weed out the trust in any relationship. If you feel insecure about anything, then talk to your partner about it. It doesn’t make you a smaller person. It will only help in clearing all the doubts which have been going around in your mind. Remember, insecurities are natural and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

6. Honesty is the best policy and this has a deeper meaning than it seems. You are honest only when you trust and respect those people. Trust is the first and foremost thing for building a lifelong relationship. Because, if you can’t trust your partner or your partner cannot trust you then the bond will deteriorate. And if your partner doesn’t respect you then you need to confront them about it or just call it off.

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How to make your relationship stronger this Valentine’s Day?

How to make your relationship stronger this Valentine’s Day?