9 Reasons Why Being Busy Is a Shortcoming

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9 Reasons Why Being Busy Is a Shortcoming

Did you ever notice when you ask some folks how they’re doing, they respond that they’re really busy? I ask myself, “Is that good?” Are they suggesting that being busy shows how popular, in-demand, and successful they are? I guess their answer implies that the more frenzied they act, the better they’re doing. Does that make any sense to you? Being busy can be a shortcoming.

Are you busy to a Fault? Of course, if we had time to think about it, we’d certainly notice the stress and anxiety that this behavior creates. But there are other shortcomings that may not be as apparent. Before you say, “I’m too busy,” consider the following shortcomings:

If you weren’t so busy, you’d:

  • Enjoy the moment rather than worrying about your next commitment.
  • Organize activities in an efficient way rather than doing things haphazardly.
  • Spend quality time with folks rather than being physically present but mentally absent.
  • Determine the best way to do something rather than acting first — thinking later.
  • Build deep, trusting relationships rather than superficial ones.
  • Tackle priorities rather than addressing easy items on your to-do list.
  • Address the root cause of a problem rather than applying a band-aid solution.
  • Show gratitude rather than worrying about wasting precious seconds.
  • Do things right the first time rather than doing them over and over.

Do You Wear a Frantic Lifestyle as a Badge of Honor?

We’re running, running, running. Did you ever stop…and ask yourself why? Is being really busy all that it’s cracked up to be? Is living a frantic lifestyle making you more productive, helping you to establish stronger relationships, or improving your quality of life? Or, is being busy a shortcoming?

We should give up the notion that more is always better, quantity is always preferable to quality, and that being busy is always better than having some slack in your day. The truth is that squeezing one more thing into your day doesn’t always make things better. In fact, it can actually make things worse. Do you spend more time looking at your watch than living in the moment? Slow down. Relax. Take some time to think. You may find that’s just what the doctor ordered. Happiness is a result of balance rather than intensity.

Do You Think Being Busy Is a Shortcoming?

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9 Reasons Why Being Busy Is a Shortcoming