What’s Blooming!

Spring is slowly coming in. The last part of April has been much cooler and kind of wet, so the garden slowed down a bit from early in the month.

The tulips have made an appearance. I have several types and the early ones are now open.

Those cool fritillaria are still around. They are long lasting, which I love in a flower 🙂

Lots of foliage appearing all around. A lot of that in the background is allium.


These are from a clump that I found when we first moved into the house 5 years ago (can you believe it has been that long??). They were in the shade and not really blooming, so I divided and moved them. Each year I divide the bigger clump and have interspersed them around the garden and I have a lot more now. All for free! Yay!

I don’t plant tulips anymore in the back yard because the squirrels really go after them. Only in the back, though, not the front. Weird. However, there are a few holdovers:

I need to do more clean out in the back bed. Lots of oak leaves from the neighbor’s tree still in there.

I took this picture the other day:

And this is that tulip today:

This is why no more new tulips back here. Grrrr…

Pretty violets:

The violets just pop up all over and I find them in the garden beds, as well as the lawn. I have never planted any, but they sure do get around!

Pretty red tulips:

And a nice inside shot:

There should be a few more different colors next week. Yay!

I need to get pictures up of the completed bathroom. We love how it turned out, but I want to do another post of getting the new tub in.

Stay safe everyone!

What’s Blooming!