Our first full week having the Dove family with us was Grand! As you can see, we had a big group of students~

BC logged into his online school three times a day and did SO well with his lessons~

The boys are with us while Josh and Savannah made it through all the red tape for their 10th Anniversary trip to Turks and Caicos~

Scottie was excited to begin our new read aloud and Arrow guide for language arts~

We continued The Year of Miss Agnes, which is now one of my ALL time favorite read alouds. I think I love it because it speaks SO much to the heart of all teachers (and moms). Focusing on what our children need and not what the experts or curriculum tell us to focus on. Children need to be seen and heard and their learning must match ability and interest! If you haven't read it, order a copy! SO beautiful!!!

We enjoyed our new hymn and poet too~

For Poetry day we made oven smores and read all the poetry we wanted~

Our poem of the week by Wordsworth was To a Butterfly so we read it and sketched in our nature journals~

The baby grands~

Marshall took his very first violin lesson with EC this week~

These two had their very own closet hideout for drawing~

We worked hard on Science this week learning all about birds. Learning about flight was so interesting and tying in history was awesome too with the picture about Marie Antoinette. SO fun~

One of the sweetest parts of Miss Agnes was her making little books for her young readers and the little girls asked me to make them one too. I did and have been printing photos from this blog to make them. I started with their adoption story and add to it every day! I also started Dear Journals with the big girls and that has been special too~

Here are the Anniversary two living it up! We love y'all so much and hope you're enjoying every moment~

Afternoons were tons of popsicles and swimming and climbing trees~

Drawing on the breezeway and snuggles and seed experiments~

Jack has been in the laundry room since we put the house on the market and he is getting braver to come out of his condo these days~

While schooling the bigs, the littles worked hard too~

Another science lesson this week was the life cycle of the bird so we focused on the egg with this beautiful book. Everyone sketched in their nature journals and we watercolored~
We also set up the microscope to see how beautiful eggshells are! Marshall was mesmerized!!!

Beautiful entries~

Latin Club in session and more microscope work~

LOOK who is 9 months old!!! Days with you are truly some of the sweetest in life~

Our third science lesson was all about Poultry and the grandboys loved it~

The popular Friday freewrite was their favorite part of Miss Agnes and I LOVED hearing why they loved it as much as I did! WP wrote about a boy who could breathe underwater and it was SO good too~

A beautiful day for a walk and since we learned all about Poultry, we decided a CFA lunch was just thing to celebrate~

Our sweet CA started the day with a simple little filling but as the day progressed her lip swelled to the point of splitting so we took her to the ER and they gave her meds for inflammation. Do you see what we forgot? Shoes? 🤦🏼‍♀️ After a big Cotton Candy Explosion ice cream, all was well in the world again~
Today her lip is still swollen but better and we are SO happy to be home for the weekend!!! 
Mother's Day weekend!!! SO thankful to be a Mom!!!