Year 2 Parents Evening Half Term Begins

Last week was the last week in school for my twin girls before half term. That also means that parents evening falls in that week. I’m not sure about everybody else, but I always find parents evening a daunting experience. I always feel like an adult that has gone back to school for twenty minutes. I’m not sure if it’s the small chairs and tables, and the fact that it is held in the school hall, but it always feels a very intimidating environment and then you sit in front of their teacher to hear how your children are getting on, and for me I just pray that there are no problems. Please, oh, please tell me they work hard, they are polite, doing well and are a pleasure to teach. Surely that’s all we want as parents to hear.

Thankfully I needn’t have worried too much because the girls are both doing really well and progressing at a rate that is in line with their age and year in school. There is always room for improvement and we know that M’s reading needs too improve, but she is getting there at her own pace. R on the other hand appears to be progressing nicely and shows a very studious side to her character and personality which she has undoubtedly inherited from her mum, haha!

They will be doing Sats tests in a couple of months and the teacher explained to us how it will be done, and it was reassuring to hear that the girls won’t even realise it’s a test. It’s done in the classroom and in groups the exact same way that they would normally be working on a daily basis, and apparently the school takes no notice of the results so their teacher said. I’m not sure I entirely believe that, but time will tell.

So half-term begins this week and the girls 7th birthday falls right in the middle which is fantastic as we get to spend the whole day with them on their birthday and they will get to see their friends from school at their birthday party we have organised for the afternoon.

It will be nice and chilled in the morning, not rushing out on the school run on their birthday. This means they will be able to open and play with presents in a relaxed atmosphere.

Strangely this time last year we were knee deep in snow and the girls were off school, and we had a party at the house for them and thankfully half of their friends managed to get through the snow to the party because at one time it did look like the beast from the east would put a halt to any birthday celebrations, and we were going to have to cancel their party. What a change in weather in one year!

This half-term is going to be full of birthday celebrations and lots of fun hopefully. Maybe with a cinema visit and if the girls have some birthday money then a visit to the shops will be on the cards.

Have you had your half term yet? What did you get up to? Or if you are in Wales on half term this week, what are your plans? I would love to hear in the comments below.

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Year 2 Parents Evening Half Term Begins