Here’s How To Save For That Round The World Trip

There is a whole world out there, but unless you have the means to see it, you won’t get to get out much! You need to figure out ways to get out there and see the things that you want to see, but that involves cutting back, which isn’t always for everyone. 

Saving money is a big deal, and you can save your money slowly or quickly, it’s entirely up to you. To be able to afford a trip around the world, you need to have your goal in your mind and focus on it carefully. You may want to sell your house fast to get the cash you need to see the world, but you can also still see it all without letting go of your house if you don’t want to. Some of the ideas in this article won’t work for you, it’s all dependent on your circumstances, but let’s see what we can do!

  1. Check Your Housing Situation. Are you living in a house that you bought yourself? You should look at whether you can downsize. Whether you sell up and move altogether, or you choose to move into your parents, you can stop being rich in houses and instead, be house poor for a little while! Get a motorhome and live in your parent’s garden if you have to – if you want to see the world, you need to be determined.
  2. Start Eating In. Let’s say you go out to eat once a week right now and it’s costing you $200 a month to do it – it’s time to say no! Every time you want to go and eat somewhere outside the house, put the money in a tin! You want to put that money away for your trip. A burger out is a nice idea, but you can start making your own fakeaway recipes instead and eat delicious food as a result.
  3. Forgo That Morning Coffee. As well as eating in and not out, you can stop buying coffee outside of the house. Starbucks is a wonderful revolution, but it’s not the be-all and end all. A French press is a cheaper alternative and you can have as many coffees as you like as a result.
  4. Nights In, Not Out. A drink or two with your friends is fun, but it’s more fun to have your own sleepover and dance party at home. Get everyone to bring a bottle of something and you’ll all be able to indulge and have fun together.
  5. Say No To Cable. Netflix is great, so instead of spending a lot of money every month in cable, switch to Netflix instead. You spend less money and you can watch your favorite shows for a lot less, too. 

You are going around the world, which means spending money on hostels, transport and food. You also want to experience a few things along the way, so think about how much money you put aside for excursions and exploration. You want this to be an exciting trip – your savings make it so!

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Here’s How To Save For That Round The World Trip