The Art Behind the Operation of Filtros Prensa

Filtros prensa are basic machines that are responsible for the Filtration and Separation process.

Generally, there is a series of chambers that have filter plates within a frame in filtros prensa. The moment the filter chambers are packed with slurry, the plates are urged using hydraulic arms. Those arms actually produce pressures within the region of 100 pounds for every square inch. 

Through material or membrane, it primarily covers every single plate that plays as the primary filter when the press is already working. Once the solid filter cake forms, the cake incorporates in the elimination of fine substances. The filtrate which is the result from the filter will be really pure.

The final phase of compression makes the solid filter cakes to be removed. Generally, the entire process is most likely controlled by the computer. This usually makes an automatic or semi-automatic process.

Creative Steps in Filtros Prensa Processing

In connection to the impact of digital arts on people’s lives, below are the steps involved in the process of filtros prensa.

Press closing

Once the filter is entirely empty, the jacks that attach to the plates activate the movement of the head. Moreover, through filtration, the closing pressure is then regulated.


This is actually a short phase in which the sludge or slurry for filtering is already filled into the chamber. The time of filling is based on the smoothness of the feed pump. Actually, it is better to fill the filter fastly to prevent caking within the first chamber and just before the last columns are filled.


In case the chambers are already filled-up, place more sludges as the pressure increases. The process of filtration can be manually stopped using either a timer or a filtrate flow indicator.

Filter opening

In order to disorient the first chamber of filtration, it is better to move the head backwards. Through its own weight, the cake is already released. The system of mechanism attracts every single plate in which the speed can be adjusted for the texture of the cake.


The regular schedule for filter cloth washing is every 15 to 30 runs. But, the requirements necessitate the sludge type.

Sludge conditioning

Normally, conditioning of the sludge is through the utilization of the suitable substances such as the polymers. This basically neutralizes the solid matters and to enhance the construction of the filter cake on the filtration process.

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The Art Behind the Operation of Filtros Prensa