Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2019 — #1

[30-second sound clip] You are about to leave reality and travel into another dimension — a dimension of the mind, a dimension that exists beyond the laws of nature, unknowable by evidence and reason — a wondrous land of Oogity Boogity! You have embarked on a journey into the realm of miracles and mysticism, where your only guide is faith. There’s a signpost up ahead: Next stop — The Drool Zone.

Most of you probably spent a sleepless night last night. It wasn’t the noise of New Year’s Eve fireworks, but because you were wondering what paradigm shattering, Darwinism destroying news would be at the top of the Discovery Institute’s list of their Top Ten stories for the year now ending. These are the momentous events that have thrilled the Discoveroids and their generous patrons for the past year.

We’ve already discussed the first nine items on their impressive list — see #10, and #9, and #8, and #7, and #6, and #5 & #4, and #3, and #2. None of those involved a discovery, experiment, paper published in a recognized science journal, or any science at all that would support their “theory” of intelligent design.

As thrilling as events those were, they’re nothing compared to what the Discoveroids just posted this morning. The title is #1 of Our Top Stories of 2019: Informed by Discovery Authors, Yale’s David Gelernter Rejects Darwinism. Ooooooooooooh! A Yale professor has emerged from the closet and admitted his creationism. This is tremendous news!

As with all the earlier items on the Discoveroids’ glorious list, this one begins with a request for funds. Then, without linking to it, they copy a post allegedly from 21 October 2019, but they probably got the date wrong because we can’t find the thing. However, around that date we posted a few times about Gelernter — see, e.g.: The Discoveroids Are Victorious!

Anyway, what they claim was a post describing their Number One event is “copied” in Klinghoffer’s post today, so we’ll give you a few excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

This is important. [Hee hee!] Yale University computer scientist David Gelernter is a polymath, a brilliant writer, artist, and thinker. Famed both for his specific scientific expertise, and for his cultural, political, and historical reflections, he’s also now a confessed Darwin skeptic. More than a skeptic really.

Gelernter is more than a Darwin skeptic — he seems to be a flat-out creationist. His faculty page at Yale says he’s a professor of computer science who joined their faculty in 1982 — almost 38 years ago — but it doesn’t specifically say whether or not he has tenure. After all that time we assume he does, so — like Behe — he can’t be can’t be Expelled.

Klinghoffer’s post (at least what he posted today) says:

In a wonderful essay in the new issue of The Claremont Review of Books, “Giving Up Darwin,” [link omitted] he credits reading Stephen Meyer’s book Darwin’s Doubt [link omitted] as the primary cause of his rejecting neo-Darwinian evolution, a “brilliant and beautiful scientific theory” but one that’s now been overtaken by science.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Darwin’s theory of evolution has been “overtaken by science.” That claim is pure gold! The Discoveroid post babbles on and on, ending with this:

Scientists, intellectuals, and ordinary thoughtful adults are giving up the old pledge of allegiance to Darwin. [The what?] The evolution in thought is very gradual, admittedly, but it’s unmistakably happening.

Yeah, it’s happening. And so is the slow but steady advance in Flat Earth belief. Verily, this is an age of great intellectual progress!

Actually, as a computer scientist, Gelernter is a perfect example of the Salem Hypothesis, according to which engineering types — and that often includes computer scientists — have a tendency toward the creationist viewpoint.

So there you are, dear reader. Now you’ve seen all of the Top Ten glorious events for the Discoveroids in the year which just ended. We know you’re impressed. How could you not be?

They receive — and spend — about $5 million a year from their generous patrons — and this is the best they can do. It’s all propaganda, public relations, revival meetings, quote mining, endless invocations of the God of the gaps, the Watchmaker analogy, and the joys of Oogity Boogity!

It’s all they’ve got, all they’ve ever had, and all they ever will have. But somehow they take themselves seriously. That’s what makes them so entertaining.

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Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2019 — #1