UberChic Beauty Stamping Polish and New Stampers

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Hey there!  Today I have the first of many UberChic Beauty posts I have lined up for the next week or so.  She's been on a roll with new products lately so there's lots to show off!  I'm starting out with some new essentials: her new regular stamping polish and 3 brand new stampers.

I'm going to start with the stampers.  All 3 of them have clear heads with various levels of squishiness.  The main difference is their shape and housing.  They all pick up great with no priming whatsoever and 2 of them haven't been put away since I tried them out.  And all of them come with a scraper card, in case you're short on those.  To test them out, I used the Pure Black stamping polish and an image from UberChic Beauty 17-01 since it is a mix of thick and thin lines (since some stampers struggle to pick up fine etching).  Photos were taking looking down the stamper (like you'd be looking if you were using it).  

$8.50 USD
35x25 mm stamping head

The Cube is a rectangular clear stamper with clear casing with an open bottom.  There is also a cap to protect it when it's not being used.  I felt it was the squishiest of the three.  I have other stampers of this style that can be a bit frustrating but this one is really good.  Its pickup wasn't the greatest of the three but I really like this style of stamper since it's easy to see through so I've been using it a lot.  I just did a comparison of another brand and this one for someone on Instagram who was struggling and this stamper definitely outshone the other one.  

$10 USD
35 mm diameter stamping head 

This short clear XL stamper is my favourite of the bunch.  Normally I like a clear casing but this purple metal stamper is great.  The bottom is closed with clear acrylic which doesn't interfere with visibility of the image at all and it's pickup is great.  Unfortunately I did get some nail polish on the bottom of the stamper so be careful.  If I were to try to remove it with acetone, the acrylic would cloud up so I just have to live with it now (or pry the bottom off).  Even with a spot of polish on this, I'm not giving up this stamper anytime soon!  

$7.50 USD
26x22 mm stamping head 

The Rocker has more of a traditional stamper feel but clear.  The head is quite curved so it's designed for people who prefer rolling their images.  It picked up even the fine lines beautifully.  It's not my favourite since, as you can see, when you look down through the stamper, the edges are blurry due to the holder.  As long as perfect placement isn't required, this is a great option in my opinion.  

Now for the stamping polish.  Both of these are 7-free and cruelty-free and dry slowly so you don't need to get the image onto your nail in a split second.  The bottles are 12 mL. 

$7.99 USD

I stuck with images with a mix of thick and thin lines.  Here it is using an image from UberChic Beauty 16-03.  It's perfectly opaque.  I used The Cube stamper for this one.  

$7.99 USD

Pure Black is just that, a pure black stamping polish (though don't ask me where those flakies come from in the closeup...once I have flakies out, they'll be everywhere for ages.  My phone is currently holding a few as well).  I used UberChic Beauty 18-02 and the Purple Genius stamper here.  

Bonus Mani (to try out the third stamper)

I wanted to do a third mani to try out The Rocker stamper so I did a gradient stamp with Essential White and Pure Black over Cirque Colors Strawberry Fields.  For the image I used UberChic Beauty 24-03.  I must have been a bit aggressive with the top coat since it smeared like crazy.  I assure you, this is not due to the polish.  I have been using them a lot with no issues.

That's all for this lovely Saturday.  I hope y'all enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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'Til next time...

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UberChic Beauty Stamping Polish and New Stampers