How far every Premier League club has to travel in away fixtures for the remainder of this season

The Premier League title race is all-but over but there are still a number of scores to settle as the season’s restart edges ever closer.

Matters concerning the race for Champions League and Europa League football are still wide open, while the relegation dogfight promises to go to the wire.

Perhaps how far teams have to travel could be a factor in deciding the relegation dogfight

Clubs are being encouraged to avoid overnight stays in hotels, meaning the relegation scrap and European football race could be decided on the road.

Will travelling at strange times and in different ways alter how teams prepare, and therefore play, when the venture to venues across the land?

It’s certainly going to be a conundrum for teams who play on the coast of England and need to move inland for their matches.

With this in mind, Paddy Power has looked to see how far each club will have to travel in away fixtures for the rest of this season.

20. Watford – Total round trip distance: 388 miles

Watford are only out of the relegation zone on goal difference have the smallest distance to cover for the remainder of the season

19. Sheffield United – Total round trip distance: 799 miles

18. Wolves – Total round trip distance: 1,015 miles

17. Aston Villa – Total round trip distance: 1,065 miles

16. Chelsea – Total round trip distance: 1,076 miles

Chelsea have significantly less travel than their main rivals for fourth, Manchester United

15. Norwich – Total round trip distance: 1,104 miles

14. Leicester – Total round trip distance: 1,148 miles

13. Tottenham – Total round trip distance: 1,185 miles

12. Arsenal – Total round trip distance: 1,235 miles

Arsenal have an outside chance of getting into the top four but have six away matches left this season

11. Everton – Total round trip distance: 1,270 miles

10. West Ham – Total round trip distance: 1,280 miles

9. Liverpool – Total round trip distance: 1,395 miles

8. Brighton – Total round trip distance: 1,405 miles

Brighton may only have four away matches left but have plenty of travel mileage to cover

7. Crystal Palace – Total round trip distance: 1,544 miles

6. Southampton – Total round trip distance: 1,556 miles

5. Burnley – Total round trip distance: 1,650 miles

4. Manchester City – Total round trip distance: 1,760 miles

3. Manchester United – Total round trip distance: 1,781 miles

United are just three points off fourth but could their travel time prevent them from getting Champions League football next season?

2. Bournemouth – Total round trip distance: 1,902 miles

Eddie Howe’s side have four away matches left but three of them are in the north west

1. Newcastle – Total round trip distance: 2,218 miles

Newcastle have to travek the furthest but geographically, they are far away all the other Premier League sides

So the main losers are Bournemouth, who have to travel almost five times the distance as relegation rivals Watford.

The Cherries must go to the north west three times – trips to Man United, Man City and Everton – while three of Watford’s four remaining away matches are taking place in London.

Of the six sides in danger of relegation, Brighton are second highest in terms of their travel but still have almost 500 miles less than Bournemouth.

As for the top four race, Man United are the main losers as they have to travel to London twice and also have a trip to Brighton on June 30. They have more than 750 miles to travel compared with their main rivals for fourth, Chelsea.


How far every Premier League club has to travel in away fixtures for the remainder of this season