Catkin Crown Textile Studio is open!

Those of you who have been reading “The Unbroken Thread” for a long time will know that one of my all time favorite wools is Heathway Merino Crewel Wool. I love the huge variation of colors, the soft hand, the strength (so it doesn’t fray or shred), how easy it is to do long and short shading, how crisp chain stitch looks and in general how pretty it looks on the fabric.

The three images you see here have all been stitched with Heathway Merino Wool.

A while ago Pearsall’s stopped carrying Heathway wool. A company called
Catkin Crown purchased the wool and committed to continue producing and carrying it for all of us who love it so much.

This morning I got an email from them announcing the opening of their online store. Catkin Crown is located in the UK and ships worldwide. I’ve already ordered wool from them for kits and their service is quick and inexpensive.

Simply click on the image (of the cat) below to go to their online shop. When you get there, click on “Shop full of Woolly Goodness”. Doesn’t that sound nice?! You can choose your currency in the upper right corner of the home page, which is very helpful. There is also a page about shipping costs and current Covid 19 restrictions (they can only ship once a week but are still shipping).



Isn’t this a beautiful color? It’s call Lagoon – I’d like to be lying next to a blue lagoon just now!

And this is call Daffodil – the same bright yellow as the daffodils outside my studio window!

While you’re on the Catkin Crown website, click on the “About Us” link where you can read about Hazel and Steve, as well as Catkin Crown Textile Studio.

Simply click the cat and enjoy exploring and shopping with a cup of coffee or tea!


Catkin Crown Textile Studio


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Catkin Crown Textile Studio is open!