What I Ate Sunday + Last Week’s Workouts

This weekend was perfection but I’ll have that recap for you in the next post. For now I wanted to quickly share everything I ate today (Sunday) + last week’s workouts. I do tons of recent eats posts but not a lot of “this is everything I ate in a day.” Hopefully this is a more holistic view of what a full day of eats looks like for me!


(8:15 a.m.) Breakfast was three scrambled eggs cooked in Kerrygold salted butter. A Dave’s Killer Rockin’ Grains English Muffin with butter and cream cheese and fruit on the side. I received the English Muffins as part of a review program and they are good! I never buy English muffins so it was a great change of pace for me!

I also had two cups of black coffee with a scoop of Bulletproof Collagen Protein. While I was making breakfast I snacked on some granola.

(10 a.m.) I had a small slice of banana oat bread that I baked yesterday.

(1 p.m.) Peanut butter and jelly and grapes. I also ate 1-2 servings of Wheat Thins while I was prepping my lunch for both of us.

Went back for another half of a sandwich because I’m always so sad when my PBJ is gone.

(4 p.m.) Gingerberry GTS Kombucha. Drank this while I was walking the babe and dogs.

(7 p.m.) Pita chips while I was prepping dinner.

(7:30 p.m.) This salad was BOMB! Arugula tossed in avocado oil with sea salt and topped with leftover cilantro lime brown rice, roasted sweet potatoes, shredded chicken tossed in barbecue sauce, feta, half an avocado and Tessamae’s Avocado Ranch. I also put a bunch of cilantro on top because I just love cilantro!

(9 p.m.) I love mixing different ice cream flavors and I have a pretty amazing lineup of them right now. I had a little of each!

And here’s a photo of the snackage that happened throughout the day that I referenced above.


Nothing exciting here but hopefully that is inspiring in its own way?

Monday: 4.5 mile run

Tuesday: REST

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: 3 mile run

Friday; power yoga practice

Saturday: 3 mile walk

Sunday: 20 minute strength workout, 3 mile walk

And this is the end! My eyes are closing in bed and I’m feeling ready to pass out!

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What I Ate Sunday + Last Week’s Workouts