BuddhiBox February 2019 Subscription Box Review & Coupon Code

February 2019 BuddhiBox review

BuddhiBox is a subscription box that focuses on yoga and healthy living.

Each month you’ll receive 4-6 full sized products to assist in your yoga practice, as well as everyday life. All products are from ethical, socially conscious companies and a portion of all boxes sold is donated to a different non-profit organization every month.

Disclosure: I received this box for review purposes. I was not compensated in any way. All opinions are my own. Post may contain affiliate and/or referral links.

Subscriptions are $30.95/month or less with multi-month commitments. They also offer a smaller box, the BBEO or BuddhiBox Essential Oils, that features 2-3 products including an essential oil. — New subscribers can save 20% on your first month with coupon code “yogaaddict“!

Let’s see what’s in my February 2019 BuddhiBox!


Everything was shipped in a small brown box.

A peek inside!

BuddhiBox packs all of the items into a canvas bag featuring a new yogi-inspired phrase/mantra each month.

An info card included descriptions of each product as well as their retail prices. It also indicated if an item is vegan, organic, and/or cruelty free.

PlantLife Uplift Essential Oil Blend ($10)

Essential oils are a subscription box item that I’m always happy to receive. This one from PlantLife features an energizing blend of bergamot, lemon, orange, lime, tangerine, mandarin, and lemongrass — basically all of my favorite scents packed into one little bottle! 

Crystal Clean Skincare Green Smoothie Mask ($16)

This 100% natural, cruelty-free Green Smoothie Mask is made with organic wheatgrass, spirulina, kale, and an emerald crystal to help balance your chakras. It’s designed to effectively relieve redness and inflammation due to acne & rosacea, as well as help other skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. The mask is suitable for all skin types and can be used multiple times a week.

Toe Talk Namaste Grip Toe Socks ($12)

I was a little surprised to see another pair of grip socks, since we just received some in last month’s box. Though to be fair, those ones had a shorter “Mary Jane Style” fit, while these are more of a basic low-cut ankle sock. They’re made of a breathable 80% combed cotton/20% polyamide blend and are constructed with a reinforced toe and heel for extra durability.

Entyze Rosé Hydrating Face Mist ($10)

This rose-scented facial mist is designed to soften, tone, and unclog pores with just a few spritzes. It contains an all natural blend of distilled water, rose hydrosol, rose essential oil, white willow, and aloe vera. Perfect for a quick refresh post-yoga.

Kiss Me Honey Coconut Lip Balm ($5)

This organic lip balm is made with all natural ingredients and is chemical free, paraben free, & cruelty free. It also contains anti-aging vitamins and antioxidants to keep lips soft, moisturized, and smooth.

BuddhiBox Healing Stone Trio ($16)

February’s box included a trio of stones to help “invoke love and open your heart chakras”. Tucked inside of a little pouch were adventurine (solid green), rose quartz (pink), and green moss agate (green speckled). A small card provided additional information on each of the stone’s benefits.

Masigi Pulling Oil Packets ($6)

Oil pulling — the process of swishing coconut oil around in your mouth — is said to promote oral health, remove harmful bacteria, clear sinuses, brighten teeth, and freshen breath. These single-serve packets are perfect for using on the go.

This month’s featured yoga pose was “Ustrasana” (aka Camel Pose). Full “instructions” were included on the reverse side of the card.

Another useful assortment of yogi-inspired items from BuddhiBox! My favorites this month were the PlantLife Essential Oil Blend, Toe Talk Grip Socks, and Kiss My Honey Lip Balm. The total value of everything in February’s box was $75! 🙂 — Thinking about signing up for BuddhiBox yourself? — You can save 20% on your first month with coupon code “yogaaddict“!

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BuddhiBox February 2019 Subscription Box Review & Coupon Code