Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Playing With My List

As we get closer and closer to the end of 2021 I have started to really focus on what I’m listening to on repeat and what makes sense for my top 50 list. For me, this means making sure that I take a deep dive into some of the maybe not so famous groups that I’ve historically enjoyed and making sure I’ve given their newest releases a fair shake. Sometimes this doesn’t pan out, one-hit wonders are just as common in Korean entertainment as they are in the US. But sometimes it serves as a swift kick in the tush to remind me that there is a reason I keep going back to certain artists over and over. They just do it for me. 

Glen Check is a South Korean Indie duo that debuted way back in 2011. Both of the members were born in Korea and moved abroad for a good chunk of their youth, moving back to Busan where they met and formed their first band in high school. Their first attempt in the industry right outta school wasn’t the immediate success they had intended, so they reformatted and re-named themselves into the electro-pop and synth wonders that started to get some attention. I’d say the wonders they are today, but since they are incredible at smoothly moving from one genre to another, it’s almost like a new group with each comeback. The pair are amazing at never letting their sound get old and at dipping their toes into a diverse variety of sounds and influences. While I might not love the early synth, I do adore their trek into French House and the recent turn toward R&B. 

Though the group is Korean, their lyrics are almost if not entirely in English and they pull inspiration from around the world. They are known for their incredible live stages, paying as much attention to the visual aspects of the show as they do to the music. I hope beyond hope that one day, when things open back up again and we are all safe and sound – or as safe and sound as we ever were – that I get the chance to experience Glen Check live and in person. 

Velvet Goldmine, Glen Check

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Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Playing With My List