Shadows Grow so Long

...before my eyes
And they're moving across the page
Suddenly the day turns into night
Far away from the city...

Master called in the afternoon and explained that He wouldn't be home until the early morning hours, He had been traveling for work and missed a connection. Trying to hide the obvious disappointment mouse tried to sound bright on the phone. We spoke for a few more precious minutes before hanging up. The tears felt stupid. Really it wasn't that bad. He hadn't even been gone very long and yet, each mile between us felt painful.

It was only supposed to be a day trip and it turned into a day and half trip. He finally made it home around 4am, tired but not as exhausted as mouse thought He'd be. Master looked at His slave and asked if she slept at all? Pouring another cup of coffee, mouse admitted no. Our bed was unrumpled, she was still dressed in the clothes she'd worn in anticipation for His return. Sure, she'd nodded off a little on the sofa...

Changing the subject for a moment, mouse asked if Master were hungry and He said yes, so she quickly whipped up some breakfast for Him. Then she knelt at His feet and removed His shoes for Him. He sat at the breakfast table and mouse slid under it, carefully unbuckled His belt, His pant button and unzipped His trousers. His cock began to spring to life as she carefully licked and became lost in its smell. The smell of Him as He lifted Himself to move His pants down further, mouse began actively worshipping Him. At the same time, she unbuttoned her blouse and lifted her skirt up over her ass *as is expected by Him* Master's cock grew very stiff as she licked and sucked at His balls, and her tongue stroked the whole length and ignored the pain when she banged her head on the bottom of the table.

"Enough slave."

Pouting mouse gave it a final kiss and crawled out from under the table.

He had nearly finished everything on His plate, and placed the plate on the floor and pointed to it.

For a very brief moment, mouse stared up at Him.

"Clean the plate." He said simply.

With burning cheeks mouse lowered herself to lick the remaining bit of yolk and ate the last bit of toast, while trying to keep her hair out of her mouth and off the plate.

He gave her head a pat, praising her like an animal, "Good mouse."

Then He stood, fixed His pants, and picked the plate off the floor, putting it into the sink. Then He reached into a drawer and pulled out the wooden spoon. He tapped each tit and then her ass with it, making her want to yelp in shock. Then He tossed it into the sink.

Master was not happy that His slave had not slept. He asked if she remembered the last thing He had said to her before getting off the phone?

"That You wouldn't be home until early tomorrow morning and mouse shouldn't wait up for You."

Silence followed.

Lowering her head to the floor, and groveling (she was going to write 'almost' but there was no almost about this) at His feet mouse begged His forgiveness.

Master didn't ask why she didn't sleep. He asked if she was in pain, sick, was something wrong, and everything else He could think as a legitimate reason for disobeying Him. The replies were all no. He pulled her hair and lifted her head to look at Him. Did His authority matter? Tears were now streaming down her cheeks, as she of course. Master shook His head.

That couldn't be true, if it were, she would have went to bed as He instructed. Even if sleep eluded her, it would have been far better than just ignoring His wishes and doing what she wanted.

He knows her far too well. Master knew exactly what happened, mouse had began watching something on TV, stayed up too late and figured what was the point? Was He close?

Scarily, Master was exactly right.

Source: aslavestale

Shadows Grow so Long