Audio: Shrimper Mulls Future Amid COVID-19

BEAUFORT — Melvin Dunn, 41, is a shrimper from the Beaufort area. Dunn lost a shrimp season because of Hurricane Dorian in September 2019. Now he faces further economic challenges with COVID-19 putting the seafood industry in a near standstill.

Dunn is from South River, a predominantly black coastal community in Carteret County.

With increasingly intense hurricanes affecting his catch, Dunn decided to transition to a seafood truck delivery service after Hurricane Dorian. Now COVID-19 might change that.

The audio was originally published by Shoresides, a project of the nonprofit Working Narratives. The series compiles community stories about COVID-19 from coastal North Carolina. Coastal Review Online is partnering with Shoresides and Working Narratives to bring this feature to our readers.

Music: Ketsa. Editing: Working Narratives team.

Audio: Shrimper Mulls Future Amid COVID-19