Five Underrated Indie Gems on the Nintendo Switch You Missed in 2019

With 2019 in the books, Old School Gamer takes you through a handful of awesome, indie (and some retro) experiences on the Nintendo Switch you may have missed, but should still definitely check out.

Super Blood Hockey: The Switch is starved for Sports games and this one is a perfect combination of guts and glory. A season mode and great multiplayer make it the complete package.

Church in the Darkness: From Richard Rouse III, the writer behind the cult-favorite series The Suffering on PlayStation 2 and Xbox, The Church in the Darkness has one of the best stories in gaming this past year and forces the gamer to make decisions that have huge ramifications. A fun title on the PlayStation 4, the action/infiltration romp is an even more polarizing and different experience on the Nintendo Switch, on the go.

Killer Queen Black: A platform with a great four-on-four multiplayer element makes this one a unique title with friends.

New Super Lucky’s Tale: This one snuck under the radar for many, but is easily one of the best third-person mascot games on the Switch. With an improved camera from the previous non-Switch versions, it’s a great game for young ones and those looking for something new after they beat Super Mario Odyssey.

Untitled Goose Game: If you own a Switch, you’ve definitely heard of this game and seen videos of it since its release, but did you buy it? House House’s Fowl Fantasy is a blast and one of the best indie games of all of 2019, even if it’s terribly short.

Five Underrated Indie Gems on the Nintendo Switch You Missed in 2019