BEANY AND CECIL In "Malice In Blunder-Land" - 1962

In today's little tale, Cecil heads out to Jollywood to try and become the next biggest thing in movies. And you probably already know how that will turn out!

Here's our hero outside the studio, checking out the fancy cars leaving the lot. The car shown is like a stylized '61 Chrysler.

Cecil is just minding his own business, when, he's grabbed by a Vaudeville hook! As it turns out, it's DJ, that dirty guy! He's a Jollywood talent agent, working out of a phone booth, and wants to represent the sea serpent! Love Cecil's hat, real hip!

To soften Cecil up, DJ shows him a map with all the hot spots, I already like Bustle Beach, there's also the Dizzy Loot Studio and the Jollywood Soup Bowl!

Since Cecil always wanted to see the stars, well, DJ hits him in the head with a huge mallet...

Next, DJ convinces our star that he needs a makeover. He starts by trimming Cecil's nose off, then he trims his mane.

And viola, the makeover is complete, he even got his teeth capped with kids' caps.

DJ gets lucky with a call, they're casting a sea serpent for a horror movie!

DJ thinks Cecil will easily get the part, it's in the bag...

The dirty guy butters up the boss before Cecil comes in, telling him that he's got exactly what Jollywood's looking for...

Once Hamhock gets a gander of the new Cecil (all he wanted was a normal looking sea serpent), it's the door in the floor to oblivion for Ceec. And, oblivion in Jollywood means.. You'll never work in this town again!!

Of course, DJ's next!

So, Cecil can't wait to get back to his pals on the Leakin' Lena after an experience like that.

We end on a happy note as things get halfway back to normal... Join us again tomorrow as we continue down that dusty Dungeon trail...

BEANY AND CECIL In "Malice In Blunder-Land" - 1962