I Pine For The Old West

As you may or may not know, I was born into the wrong era, the wrong time zone, the wrong part of history.  I contemplate this a lot when I'm sitting on the couch with so much to do I'm overwhelmed.  I just can't figure out where to start first.  I relish accomplishments, not a long list of jobs that I can't seem to finish due to one reason or the other.

Now riding my horse across the mountains, or planting a garden for food or even gathering eggs for breakfast ... THAT I can sink my teeth into.
Since that's not happening any time soon, I'm all about reading up on the characters of the Old West and pretending I once lived there.  Such was the case when I saw this book by Casey Tefertiller.  I have no idea how to pronounce his name, but he's on a lot of Old West shows, like the Wyatt Earp Vendetta Ride just a night or two ago.

He has written this book and received many accolades.  I figured to give it a shot when I found it on Amazon for $12.99.  That's a good book price so I ordered it immediately.  I probably should have NOT been preoccupied with puppies, phone games and food.  

Wasn't I shocked when I clicked on the BUY button, only to see it say THANK YOU FOR YOUR KINDLE PURCHASE!!  Noooooooo ... I wanted a BOOK!  One of those paper things you can hold in your hand!!  Sadly, I'm stuck with it.  Now I get to look forward to opening my hard-to-read phone and going blind while swiping back and forth.  Not to mention that kindle books are usually something like $4.00. BIG SIGH!!
Instead of reading, I got a haircut.  Of course if I looked like THIS, I would NEVER get a haircut.  I mean really, who has hair like this?  I was definitely NOT one of the lucky ones when it came to parceling out golden locks.

I won't tell you who, where or how, but people in this little town are getting back to normal quickly.  No it's not on the OKAY list, but they can kiss my you know what.  If Newsom can send kids back to school (the one down the road from me is now open) then one at a time, we can get our hair cut.  I have no doubt AT ALL that Mr. Newsom has had his hair cut six times in the last month.
Next up on the hit parade is an oil change.  Every time I get in the Jeep, it's DING DING DING.  I'm pretty sure the last time I got some hoopty-do oil that was supposed to last 10,000 miles.  The problem is the little sticker fell off and now I'm in the dark.  Today's project will involve scrounging through the glove box for the receipt and trying to figure out where to take it for the next drink. 

I really need to find something other than the drive-through place.  Last time they charged me $107 for an oil change.  I kid you not.  I would go to Jeep, but you have to fight to get in line, then wait six hours.  No one ever said it's a rose garden!!  If I lived in the Old West, I would only need to slap a little bear grease on the wheel bearing and feed the horse.
In the meantime, every time I open a cupboard I see things that need to be donated.  I've accumulated WAY too much stuff over the years.  Unfortunately all ONE of the donation stores in our town is closed.  I began storing things in the garage, but now it's overflowing.  

Oh how I pine for the old days when you had two pair of jeans, one pair of boots and a hat to cover up your horrible hair.  I remember about six dishes instead of cupboards full, with two coffee cups rather than 26 wine glasses.  It certainly was a simpler time.

I Pine For The Old West