NO PREP Plural Nouns Pages

Do your learners need to work on spelling plural nouns? These NO PREP plural nouns pages can help solidify their understanding of how to spell them, which can be tricky for many learners.

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Why Spelling Plural Nouns is Tricky & How you Can Help

Before learners can fully understand how to spell plural nouns, they must first understand WHY they are used. To do this, they need to understand that a plural noun is made up of two meaning parts.

Let’s use an example with cats. There are two meaning parts at play in this word (cat + s).

  1. cat, which is an animal
  2. suffix -s, which means more than one

Learners may correctly use suffix -s in their speech without much thought. But when it comes to spelling, it’s a different story. If they don’t understand the two meaning parts of the word cats, and they’re spelling only by what they hear, their spelling of cats may look something like catz, cas, or cazz.

One of the best ways to help learners with this tricky concept is to ask them to break the word into the base word and its suffix – cat + s.

No Prep Plural Nouns Pages

That’s the purpose of the activities in our no prep plural nouns pages! In this pack, you’ll find pages that ask learners to break words apart by the base word + suffix s and base word + suffix es.

no prep plural nouns pages with pictures

no prep plural nouns pages without pictures

I’ve included two options with the pages: 1- with pictures and 2- without pictures.


plural nouns roll and race games

Also included are THREE Roll & Race Plural Nouns game boards. These are all picture-based and include CVC + s, CCVC/CVCC + s, and base words + s/es. An optional Roll & Race Recording Sheet is also included so learners can spell the words from the game boards.



Enjoy teaching!

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NO PREP Plural Nouns Pages