Celebrating 6 Years of Full-time Travel

Jeepsies Family 6 Years of Full-time Travel

February 21st always creeps up on me, but it’s a big day for our family. It’s our nomadiversary, the day we started a life of full-time travel. This year, 2020, marks our 6th nomadiversary and the start of our seventh year on the road!

We don’t own a house or property, or rent physical space of any kind. We move constantly–sometimes as much as every day. Constantly shedding possessions, we believe in verbs, not nouns.

And it’s been a big year.

  • We completed a 2,000-mile overlanding journey through the interior of Mexico, while living out of our Jeep Wrangler.
  • Purchased a 25-foot Winnebago RV and named it Basecamp, using it for exactly that purpose while we pursue our overlanding goals.
  • Made plans to transition out of our business ventures that tie us to the Internet, which will give us more freedom to travel internationally.
  • Presented at Overland Expo West, Overland Expo East, RecCon Montana, and several other regional events.
  • Circumnavigated the United States, including visits to all the New England states (most for the first time)!
  • Kept dreaming big about our 2022 trip into Central and South America, and the continents beyond.

When we’re asked how long we plan to do this, our answer is still, “Indefinitely.” In fact, it’s turned into, “We plan to drive around the world, and that will be a 10- to 15-year project.” Only a catastrophe will pull us away from travel. And catastrophe is unpredictable, and only a moment away for all of us. So we choose to live this life with full appreciation–while we can.

Thank you for being part of our community. Your kind words, thoughtful questions, and recommendations mean more to us than you might know. When our circumstances are constantly unstable, it’s the people in our lives who are the constants.

Here’s to our seventh year of full-time travel. May we be present in each moment, not always dreaming. May we take the bad with the good. May we always be aware of those around us, seeking to give rather than receive.


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Celebrating 6 Years of Full-time Travel