“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” – Eleanor Roosevelt 

Dreams inspire positive action. Be a change-maker not just a world-worrier.

Why is this project important?

Throughout history, real change has come from those who had a utopian dream; those who thought past the problems they faced to make their vision for a better world a reality. Solution seekers, not problem-proclaimers. 

Martin Luther King Jr, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, they’ve all shown what’s possible when we make time to dream of what a happier, healthier world for all would look and feel like. And how vital imagination is for sustaining our progress towards real, positive social change. 

Inspired by dreamers of the past; their dedication and their hope, let’s become change-makers of the future. 

It’s easy to feel helpless in the face of injustices we find upsetting. It can feel overwhelming and all consuming. Yet neuroscience shows us that by having a vision rather than just fixating on a problem, our brains start finding ways to turn those visions into reality.

“This Dream-making project taps into this insight. It’s designed to engage the creative, conscious, planning system in your brain – the prefrontal cortex – and help you consider how to join the dots and explore routes to a better future.” – Dr Charlotte Rae, neuroscientist at the University of Sussex 

This dream is to tackle homelessness so it focuses on the dream that everyone has a save place to call home and is hung off a bedside table
This dream is to tackle homelessness so it focuses on the dream that everyone has a save place to call home and is hung off a bedside table

“I found it so interesting, and a proper challenge, to think deeply about what my utopian dream actually is.”

– Fabienne at one of our first dream-making workshops

Use your head, heart, and hands to make your visions come to life. Once you’re embracing the soothing, repetitive nature of stitching, it’s time for some deep thought on your dream for a better future for all. Use your craftivism to be a tortoise and take it slow. Consider our crafterthought questions in our ethical kits whilst you stitch will help you move from a dreamer to a real changemaker

Our kits are ethically made in Sarah’s little apartment in London UK using organic and fair-trade cotton, Kapok stuffing, felt made from post-consumer plastic bottles as well as strategic instructions, all individually stamped and come with a needle, thread, woven label and two free gifts for the craftivist.

Craftivists unite! With courage, care and compassion we can help make the world a more beautiful, kind and just place for all…

…it [hand-stitched cloud] will be great to remind myself of ways that I can do small individual things to set examples to colleagues and friends, driving it from that point of view.”

Martin – participant at the Dartington Hall, Totnes sold out event

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