Aubameyang drops future hint. ‘Love at first sight.’

‘It was love at first sight.’ ‘The day I arrived, he came straight up to me and said, ‘I hope we’ll play together.’ I said, ‘I hope so too.’ FourFourTwo.


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I might be sticking my neck out here but I reckon Aubameyang and Lacazette are Arsenal’s best front two since Wrighty and Bergkamp, or  Bergkamp and Henry. Bergkamp and any of our players just worked. Ozil, Aubameyang and Lacazette on the same pitch should be such a joy to watch but it’s not really clicked. I don’t think the three of them are on the same page, unlike with Dennis, who in his book said he knew where his teammates would be. He didn’t even have to look up before he played his pass. I’m sure he did look up though but his words just emphasised the understanding between our players back then.

I’m not sure looking back is always a good thing as I think the human brain usually gravitates towards the good. From 1996 to 2006 for example, I bet we fans find it much easier to remember the great players Arsene Wenger signed rather than those which didn’t work out. Prior to Wenger, the George Graham era, 1989 will forever stick in our minds, just as 1990-91 will or the domestic cup double in the 1992/93 season. Here’s a brain teaser, we played three Finals but won only two cups, why?

Bruce Rioch, well I’ll always remember him for being the manager when Denis Bergkamp signed for Arsenal. Ok, and the ‘it’s him or me’ Wrighty issue which Wrighty won.

Then came Arsène Wenger. Twenty two seasons, a game of two halves in itself. Yes he stayed too long, ten years too long and the club is suffering now because of it. Him, Gazidis and Kroenke. The latter for standing by and watching the Frenchman drag the club into decline instead of taking him out for a quiet meal somewhere and telling him politely that he’s past his best and should move on. Either that or gone full Alan Sugar on him. ‘You’re fired!’ Same with Gazidis. Had that been done ten years, or even five years ago, I’m sure we’d be in a much better position than we are now.

Regardless of who the club sign this summer, winning a trophy is unlikely. This season simply has to be all about top four and nothing else in my opinion. One which I share with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang:

‘A club like Arsenal has to be playing in the Champions League every season. ‘We will start to think about winning the biggest titles in a few seasons, but first we need to make sure we are in the Champions League consistently again. That has to be the main target of every Arsenal season.‘ (FourFourTwo)

He said ‘we’ – doesn’t sound like a man ready to leave does it? Darn media!

I know not every Arsenal fan will agree with this view as we all love an FA Cup win just as we’d love to win the Europa Cup, but last season all felt a bit Arthur v Martha’ and we ended up being neither. It felt like Emery was paddling two canoes with one set of oars and got nowhere. We ended up with no Europa Cup and no top four spot and it was all of our own doing.

Compete for all four competitions of course, but with squad and youth players or those who might need games to improve fitness.

Securing a Champions League spot this season will be harder than last I reckon. Toots are strengthening, City, Utd and Liverpool are too but as it stands, we’ve signed one player and we don’t even know if he’s heading for the academy or first team squad yet. I’m all for Emery going with the youth players next season but they need quality and experience around them and we haven’t much of that. Experience yes, quality, no, not really.

I know, there’s plenty of time left in this transfer window yet so I’ll keep topping up my half full glass…

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Aubameyang drops future hint. ‘Love at first sight.’