Explore Michigan’s Only Ocean Tunnel At Sea Life Aquarium In Auburn Hills

Michigan’s Great Lakes are spectacular, but there’s something truly fascinating about experiencing sea creatures up close and personal. While we might not have access to bonafide oceans, we do have a top-notch aquarium that features a must-see tunnel brimming with sea life. Regardless of your age, you’ll be enchanted by this must-visit locale in the Great Lakes State.

Sea Life Michigan Aquarium is located at 4316 Baldwin Rd in Auburn Hills.

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This family-friendly gem, which sits within Great Lakes Crossing Outlets, is a popular destination for those who are fond of animals, sea life, nature, education, and wholesome fun.


As the largest aquarium in Michigan, Sea Life is an absolute must-visit for adventurers of all ages and backgrounds. When you stop by, you’ll feel like you’ve landed under the waves.


There are more than 2,000 individual creatures to check out during your time here, including a vast array of marine life that you might never have seen in person. Talk about fascinating.


If you’re searching for something truly immersive, make your way through the on-site Ocean Tunnel. As you stroll through, you’ll appreciate breathtaking views of over 500 awesome creatures.

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Gaze in wonder as sharks, sea turtles, and vibrant fish swim over your head. Be sure to bring along your camera: you’ll want to remember your time exploring this 12,500-gallon tunnel.

Sea Life Michigan Aquarium

When you’re through taking in the colorful scenes of the Ocean Tunnel, round out your aquarium experience by checking out the interactive touch pool, freshwater life section, and more.

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The next time you’re in the mood for a creative family outing that combines education, fun, and true immersion, make your way to Auburn Hills to spend a day under the sea.

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For additional information about visiting Sea Life Michigan Aquarium, including admission costs and hours, click here. Have you and your family strolled through the Ocean Tunnel during past visits? Share your experiences and photos with us in the Facebook comments or recommend another destination here.

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Explore Michigan’s Only Ocean Tunnel At Sea Life Aquarium In Auburn Hills