Coding Toys

Drake has recently expressed some interest in learning about coding. At the school library they often play with robots and coding, and this summer we were gifted Botley from a friend which the kids have all enjoyed. He also borrowed a book series from the library about coding which he enjoyed a lot.


There are a lot of different coding toys and books out there for all ages and price points, so it’s been hard to figure out which ones are worth trying. I’m still looking in the right ones I think would be worth the value in our house, but here are some of the options I have been drawn to.


Code this Game – I wandered around Barnes and Noble for a good amount of time trying to find an introduction book for Drake and came home with this one. The reviews online were good and it seems very kid friendly. I like the idea of learning to create your own game and then breaking it to add your own things into it.


Coding Critter – Coding Critter looks both fun and cute and something I feel would entice my girls especially. They definitely have been enjoying using Botley and perhaps with another set they could figure out some other creative ways to play, maybe even interacting the two together.


Kano Harry Potter Coding – With Drake so into Harry Potter, I was thrilled when I discovered this. How cool to be able to code and do magic with your own wand. I found this too late for Christmas, but it’s definitely on my list for Drake’s birthday if this coding interest lasts.


Bitsbox Subscription Box – A subscription box with new challenges each month seems like a really cool gift idea.


My First Coding and Computer Science Kit – I like the idea of an all in one kit that teaches the basics to help kids learn from the beginning, especially for someone like me who is new to this too. All seem to agree that this is a fun and engaging set.


Coding Toys