Terraria best RPG game that you haven’t played yet

RPG or role-playing games are massively popular. And there’s this one game which beats every other but you won’t know about it. Many RPG game enthusiasts are looking for a fresh experience and this game will provide it.

Terraria is the name, and it is the best sandbox RPG game. Terraria is an open-world sandbox where only space is the limit (yes, you can go to space).

The game was released in 2011 on the Windows platform only and now can be found on every major console. The game is almost a decade old, but the Terraria community is still going strong creating mods and texture pack and even cust9om Boss events!

Imagine you are playing Minecraft, but in a 2d world and add a lot more stuff to do, you get terraria. Terraria is what Minecraft is trying to be. Terarria 100s of mobs to kill and pet, there are 100s of blocks you can build with and the sheer amount of stuff that you get in this game is just unbelievable.

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What is Terraria?

Terraria as mentioned earlier is a RPG.

The game starts by creating a character, then a world where you will play. Now, remember the world is procedurally generated so every world is different, increasing the replayability.

There are two options in creating a world, either corruption or crimson. The choice will change the bosses you fight and what nasty evil stuff you have to eradicate.

Next, you gather materials and craft them into armor and weapons. When you feel you’re ready for a boss fight, summon the boss and fight. If you fail try again after upgrading the gear, if not just gather more materials and upgrade your gear and go to the next boss.

After defeating the wall of flesh which literally is in Hell, your world will turn into hard mode. More creatures will spawn and they will kill you. There will be even harder boss fights and the latest update 1.4 added 2 new bosses. So good luck

You can start your journey as a ranger, Mage, Summoner, or melle character. The replayability of this game is through the roofs. And did we mention there are increasing difficulties that change the boss AI and also increase your Blood Pressure?

If you are planning on playing Terraria for the first time play on normal, if you want a challenge go with hard. If you want to show off play in expert and if you want to be admitted in a mental asylum play master mode.

Start your terraria journey on mobile, pc, or any other major console and have the time of your life. The game is available on steam

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Terraria best RPG game that you haven’t played yet