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Finally tiny bits of stitching progress to share thanks to a few rainy days.   Today being one of those iffy days.....will it rain, won't it rain.  I think know I need to devote a day to picking up the random things that have landed in different spots all around the house.   Considering I have all my flower and vegetable beds save the last half of one all weeded and manicured, I think I can take a day off from the yard.  The work does continue on my back 40 project.   I just ordered a bunch of perennials from Breck's or Michigan Bulb Company (I can't remember which one....who knows, maybe from both of them......but I now just offer more evidence of me being scatter brained....)  that I want to be ready to plant when they arrive.  A bit of rest today for the moisture deprived hands will be a welcomed treat.

I finished HOD Year of Celebration March on the last day of March but I haven’t kitted up April yet.  I want to look through my fabric stash for perhaps a blue linen.  I am afraid I could lose a whole day if I go into my craft room and start shopping my stuff......better leave that until I get the house tidied up.

On the right, I found the Shamrock pin in my jewelry box from the days of working in an elementary school when I would decorate my blazer to match the holiday.   Geez, now that's a random, crazy, walk down memory lane.  Anyway, I hope to somehow incorporate the tie-tack style pin in my finish. 

I am getting quite a lot done on L. Genders red sampler roll with my one thread at a time approach.  It is amazing how much can be done one length of thread at a time.   The over one, not so much.   Definitely need good magnification and good light for that section.

Thanks to a delivery from Salty Yarns, I have a completely kitted up Winter Rose Manor.   I selected Heron Gray in 38 count from Legacy.   I am thinking my WDW Conch will show up fine for the house. Oh I'd love to start this one but I will exercise the utmost restraint.

I also got the Cozy Winter from Jeannette Douglas Designs.  Just love this piece and it is on the smaller size so it should take long to stitch.......famous last words.

I finished With This Needle, I Thee Thread needle book from HOD.  This should have taken me one week rather than three.  

Finishing calls for the piece to be folder this way.....
I may fold it this way instead.....
Who am I kidding.....this will go into the basket of shame and sit for untold weeks/months until I really do finish it.

I started A Robin's Discovery from Luminous Fiber Arts.   Love the colors and the cheerful springtime pattern.   This is being stitched with the called for colors on 32 count mystery linen from stash.   My Thursday stitching group will start meeting again next week and I just had to start something on the smaller side to have to work on.  I need to work out how to eliminate that bow on that rabbit.  I'm not a fan of it.  

What you are not seeing any progress on is Land That I Love.   I don't believe I have touched it for a month.   Maybe after my vacuuming and picking up and putting things where they belong I can dedicate an hour  this afternoon while I catch up on some floss tube.

My daughter-in-law started her job the 1st of April and I am  babysitting every Monday.  Even though I am wiped out by the time I get home I am loving the memories we are making. Thank goodness for leftovers for dinner and early bedtimes on Monday evenings.   I am so enjoying them living closer but I am still not used to seeing them so often.  

Everyone in the family has either had their vaccine or at least has an appointment for their vaccine.  It’s looking like a return to normal pool parties, family visits and cookouts for us this coming summer.   And even more than that last several years with my son being closer now.

I booked my first retreat in a will all be with social distancing, small assigned stitching rooms, limited number per table.  A friend asked me to join her and I hesitated half a minute.  We plan to go down early and stay at her place a night or two prior to the event and since she is one of two that has been in my bubble the last year I was on board.    It is just a stitch-in (no classes) but it is Sun Fest weekend and we hope to be able to walk to the inlet and enjoy the festivities and partake in an adult beverage or two!  It will be so nice to be back in OCMD and this Damma needs a vacation after running around chasing grand babies.  Geez, I just hope I don't go overboard with shopping at Salty Yarns.  I already have a Stacy Nash piece in mind to purchase.

That about sums up everything that has been happening with me.   Hopefully once I get the last flower bed finished, mulch in and all my veggies and potted plants in, I will be back to stitching in full swing.....literally swaying my chair on my deck as I look at the fruits of all my springtime labor.  

Thanks for stopping by, keep on stitching, stay safe and healthy.

PS That is NOT my back 40 in my header picture above....but how I wish is were.   The photo was taken while on the Wilmington City Garden Tour several years ago.  

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Progress to share