Going Forward

Where am I today?
Stratford, Ontario

Just to let everyone know, that as George wood say "I'm Awesome".

It has been a challenging 3 months. First his diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, finding a place to live, getting our possessions out of the RV, at least the top half plus liquid that would freeze, moving into the apartment and then adjusting to George being in hospital or hospice.

He really wanted me to be settled in a place to live. Between the both of us, we made it happen. We had discussed in previous years what we would do if we couldn't travel. We knew we wouldn't buy a house, probably wouldn't go into a 12 month RV park because if we couldn't travel, we wouldn't be able to look after a property. We decided that we would like an apartment, ground floor, facing south and with a patio, which we made happen. That way we could still outside and enjoy the sunshine. We spent a lot of time outside when weather permitted.

We both have had to make adjustments in what was happening, but he always had a positive outlook, never did I hear him say anything negative. He often said "It is what it is". He was able to enjoy Christmas with both sides of the family and spending New Year's Eve with me. He had a few more things on his bucket list, that wasn't to be.

I'm really glad that we had preplanned his arrangements. It made it so much easier on me and the family to accomplish his wishes.

I have been doing some reorganizing in the apartment as I didn't much time before.

The kids, my family and his sibling keep checking up on me to make sure that I am ok. I usually talk to someone every day.

Thanks to all the comments in the previous postings, your condolences and best wishes to me and the family. It does mean a lot to us. Also thanks to those who made a donation to the hospice here in Stratford. It is a wonderful facility for those who need it.

During the time I spent at home, while he was in hospital or hospice, I started to go through our pictures to do a slideshow at the visitation when it was needed. I have saved approximately 800 pictures and later found out I should use no more than 80 of them. The following are the pictures that were part of the slideshow. Needless to say, too many to put captions on each and every one. The pictures reflect a portion of his life from a little boy to having children and grandchildren.

I tried adding my email address to the profile. On the preview of the blog, it doesn't look it happened. I will look into it.

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Going Forward