Pacific Moisture Impacts the Northwest

There are several waves of energy embedded within lots of moisture coming on shore. This will bring back rain and snow into the Pacific Northwest. We could see upwards of a foot to two feet of snow in the higher elevations but it will be a several day event.

With the waves moving onshore, the wind will play a factor in conditions too. Wind watches and warnings are in effect into the weekend with wind speeds of 40 to 60 mph, with gusts up to 90 mph, expected.

By Friday morning, a warm front lifts enough moisture into the mountains of Idaho and Montana while the rain still falls closer to Seattle.

As the frontal boundary on the back side moves in then widespread rain takes over along the I-5 and the mountainous terrain of the Cascades see additional snow into the overnight hours of Friday into Saturday. This is a quick moving system! By Saturday morning, models indicate heavy snow into the mountains of Idaho and Montana, once again.

By Sunday, the third batch of moisture begins to move onshore from the Pacific. This returns more rain along the I-5 and snow into the Cascades – this is where snow totals will be reaching upwards of two feet in northern Washington, in the high terrain.

Again, after several waves of rain and snow moving across the north west, this is where the 1′ – 2′ totals begin to stack up in the mountain peeks. Areas like Oregon and Wyoming could see 3″-6″ of snow.


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Pacific Moisture Impacts the Northwest