The week in Very Scary People

And the streak is back at one, sports fans, because there were no recorded stories about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez among the top 5 on the homepage Saturday!

Of course, she was back on Sunday (above), in a triple-byline effort lifted from the New York Post. And she and a number of other existential threats to everything Fox News holds dear made regular appearances throughout the week. Shall we have a look?

Friday morning, we have an opinion column lifted from the Washington Post, though by afternoon we were back to last week's adventures with Amazon (with a side of EWWWW scary lady eats salad with COMB!!11!1!1!1!11!! -- also, it's worth noting, not original to Fox):

On Thursday, she's the No. 2 story, a followup to last week's nearly-true story of privilege and skulduggery. But the real star Thursday is Bernie Sanders:
Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., entered the 2020 presidential race this week promising to transform America with a left-wing vision of economic and environmental justice. But the self-described democratic socialist’s high-end income, multiple houses and fondness for air travel have already opened him up to criticism that his lifestyle doesn't always match the rhetoric.

You should probably expect to see this one a few more times as the campaign season lumbers on:

3 Homes for Bernie! Sanders Reportedly Buys $600K Vermont Lake House (8/9/2016)

Bernie Sanders Buys $575,000 Lakefront Vacation Home in Vermont (8/12/2016)

Bolling: Free advice for Jane and Bernie Sanders (7/17/2017)

Bernie Sanders' income tops $1M for second year in row, reports say (6/24/2018)

Anyway, just so you know, Fox is also scared of guys every now and then. But not nearly as scared as Fox is of girls! Look who was the lead story on Wednesday:
And back Wednesday evening (along with a sideswipe at Kamala Harris). Note that even Fox can't quite hide the shell game behind the mystery billboards:

Ocasio-Cortez tweeted a screen grab of the group's Wikipedia page that says it is funded "mainly by corporate executives and conservative foundations including the Mercer Family Foundation." However, sometime after the congresswoman's tweet was sent early this morning, the organization's Wikipedia page was edited to remove the line about its funding.

After Fox News reached out to the Job Creators Network for comment on Ocasio-Cortez's tweets, the Wikipedia page was subsequently edited again and it now includes the line that was in the New York congresswoman's tweet: "It is funded mainly by corporate executives and conservative foundations including the Mercer Family Foundation."

Another lead story on Tuesday:
And, of course, a lead with Amazon on Monday:
The Che story is worth noting because it's foreshadowed in this one from earlier Monday:
Tune in again next Sunday for This Week In Fox Is Scared of Girls! Every streak has to end sometime, after all.
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The week in Very Scary People