3 B'day projects with 2 finishes

Hi Blogger Friends.  As always, thanks for all of the sweet comments.

Finish 6 - B'day WIP 21
Boo - Bent Creek
14ct natural brown aida
restarted 2-18-19
finished 2-20-19

Finish 7 - B'day WIP 22
Halloween Rules - Lizzie Kate
14ct natural brown aida
finished 2-22-19

B'day WIP 23 - Pretty Little San Francisco by Satsuma Street (I had to rip that stupid purple section out twice cause I guess I can't count anymore,)

Progress on Cars.

Progress on Queen of Hearts.

I honestly thought I would be putting in one stitch on 40 projects in December so I could say that I worked on 70 UFO's/WIP's this year.  I am shocked that I have worked on 23 already.  I am so loving the School of Magical Stitches FB group.  My dumb brain had a really dumb thought the other day.  Maybe I could get 70 finishes this year.  Right.  I'm just sitting here laughing at myself.

Gotta go stitch and watch a Harry Potter movie for a challenge.

Thanks for stopping by.   Linda

3 B'day projects with 2 finishes