When Old Man Winter Deals You Lemons, Make Lemonade Slushies

So it snows on our "parade." Boo Hoo. But it doesn't do a damn bit a good to throw a fit and whine. I mean gee, Mark, try to save your energy for bigger battles, you know, the life and death ones.

Hey Bobbie, I don't think I brought any long pants. 

Ha! Suck it up, Mark, you're a big boy. 

My dear ole daddy taught me to never start a fight, but if someone throws a first punch, I should roll with it so it don't hurt as much. Well, the Arid-zona weathermen and women are throwing punches. I remember what Da mindful Buddha said:  If you choose not to find the joy in snow, you will have less joy in your life and still the same amount of snow.

Alrighty then!  I dig around in Goldie's nooks and crannies for something to keep my legs warm. Panty hose! Nope, too small. Leg warmers (from the 80's, thank you Jane Fonda)! Nope, moth-eaten. Then I stumble across an old pair of greasy coveralls, stashed way back in a corner cabinet, for those times when I need to crawl under Goldie to see what's leaking oil.  Perfect! That's how to turn lemons to lemonade...or slushies, yeah, lemon slushies, then go outside and do exactly what we were put here to do. MOVE! 

Someday, we'll have the right gear for the right situation (sigh). Maybe even invest in a GPS and one of those fancy satellite locator thingies. But for now, it's greasy Carhart coveralls.

Camp Catalina Boondock got a little windy last night

Measured almost 4 inches of heavy wet snow at camp.   

With snow still coming down, we take a snowy winter hike through the desert. This kind of storm happens only once every 50 to 100 years. How lucky are we to not miss out? 

A couple of days ago this was a wadable creek. Now it's a river.

After a couple-three miles, it's time to turn around. Need some portable rollup waders to carry in our packs! 
Peace out,
Snowbirds Mark and Bobbie

Source: boxcanyonblog

When Old Man Winter Deals You Lemons, Make Lemonade Slushies