The Cinderella Castle Suite

When I first started my Disney career, I was working at Magic Kingdom. At the time, one of the perks we had was being able to tour the Cinderella Castle Suite.  Sadly, due to the World of Dreams VIP tour, this is no longer a perk we get. In my year at Magic Kingdom, I was able to tour the suite 3 different times.

For the first two tours, we went up to the suite from the utilidors  but my last tour with my boyfriend, we were able to use the normal guest entrance.  My instructions was to meet my tour guide (a fellow cast member) by the murals in the Castle. We met there where she lead us to the door to enter the suite lobby.  In the lobby area is very tiny desk, it is themed very much like Cinderella’s Royal Table.  One thing our Tour Guide pointed out to us was the clock in this room. The clock is set to 11:59 and never goes to midnight, to fit the theming from the Cinderella movie. After a couple of photos we loaded into the elevator and went up to the Suite.


Once off the elevator, you are in another small lobby room. On the floor is a mural of the carriage (made with real gold) and around the ceiling there are panels that have Mary Blair artwork  telling the story of Cinderella.

Finally, we were able to get into the actual suite. The thing that shocked me was how small it is. Once in the door, the bed area is right there. Everything is themed to the Cinderella era and dawns the color of blues and golds.

Another fact that I love is next to bed is an old looking desk, the first time I went up, I assumed that the it was created to look old. The second time, my friend told me that a Imgineerneer actually found the desk at an estate sale and decided it would work in the Suite.

Across from the 2 queen beds, there is an electric fireplace. The next small room is the main “living” area. Here you have stain glass windows that look out to the park. There is also a couch that turns into a bed (the couch is super comfy) and then a TV set up.  This is my second favorite part of the suite.

I loved looking out the windows to the park watching the crowds go by. The second time I went up, it was storming really bad and it was just so peaceful standing looking out the windows.

The last area, is the best area. The bathroom! When you walk into the bathroom on the left is an counter area to do make up and so on. On the right is the most amazing bathroom tub I have ever seen. On the back wall is a mural of the castle and the ceiling looks like the night sky.  Once you pass the tub, there are the sinks to wash up and then there is small room that is the toilet room.

The suite is so beautiful and I am so happy, I was able to go up to the suite and see it.

Until next month, stay safe my friends!


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The Cinderella Castle Suite