ARCHITECTURAL VISUALIZATION IN BLENDER for the week of January 4th, 2020

January 5, 2020, 3:30 PM

by B. N. Reporter

In addition to the series "PRODUCT VISUALIZATION IN BLENDER," is featuring another regular series, showcasing quality arch vidz realized in Blender,
selected from published artworks for (a) given week(s).  If you would like to have your works featured in this series, please submit your professional-quality Arch vidz 
to or to the Member's Gallery of this site, or Contact Us to show where your work is available on the internet.
- Editor in Chief

How good is Blender as an arch viz tool? You might find the answers in the arts and comments made by the following artist(s), some of the many that are scheduled to be featured in this series.
The Arches
by Augusto Cezar
Renderer: Cycles

Render AVIB210104.jpg


Artist's Comment
About Me:
My name is Augusto Cezar. I've been working in the field of ArchViz since 2015 and I've been using Blender as my main tool since 2017.

About "The Arches:"
This renders is called "The Arches", and I made it trying to do something different of the usual modern/contemporary style. The goal was to push myself a bit, so I've modeled the arches using Blender's modifiers system and tried my best to make it look natural. 

This project was inspired by a photo that I've found on Instagram. I used it as the reference in the beginning but after some time I started to do things more freely. The vegetation was set up with the scatter addon. The rendering was done in Cycles with some final touches in Photoshop. 

If you liked my work you can find me on my youtube channel, Instagram, or email. I'm looking for post some tips about archviz regularly.


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ARCHITECTURAL VISUALIZATION IN BLENDER for the week of January 4th, 2020