Magician Tarot Spread

Hello there!

The 2nd layout is for the Magician. I thought to create something unique. Come see what the Magician has in-store for you. Sometimes it’s a great idea to find confidence, with what magick you know. Each of us has special talents to handle all of the 4 elements. Come, See where your heart takes you on this journey of self understanding.


This Magician card comes from Ellen Dugan’s Witches Tarot set. Such a beautiful card.


I added 4 elemental gemstones:

Rose quartz: water, emotions, intuition

Tiger eye: Fire: desire, motivation. 

Citrine: communication, creativity, Air

Aventurine:  grounding, balance. Spiritual growth. Earth

Blessings of love and light.




About the Author:

Norma Clark

I’m Wiccan, My style follows my spiritual path, and what comes to mind.. I live in a small rural town, Paris, Idaho. I share my life With my Wiccan husband, 2 hyper Children, and gang of critters. I love to create new designs by looking at nature, cultural ideas for my Jewelry and create unique Metaphysical items. COME Sit For A Spell or Two, And See the Magick of Forevrgoddessboutique

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Magician Tarot Spread