Mountain Keep of the Ytori: A dungeon for characters level 3-5

Upon the southern face of the mountain six giant stone faces can be seen, the bottom half seem through the fog. Each is identical gaunt face easily over 100' across. The faces are arranged in two rows of three. Upwards from the sprawl of ruined houses ascend five staircases up to the stone faces. Three eastern staircases rise upwards through the fog and each lead to the base of a stone face where a portal into the mountain can be seen. The two western staircases lead into the fog which covers the bottom row of faces.

Entrance 1, 2, and 3 (reached by the eastern stairwells which lead past the fog) lead to level 1 of the dungeon

Entrance 4 and 5 (reached by the western stairwells which lead into the fog) lead to level 2 of the dungeon

Floor 1

Room1.1 A single skeleton clutching a flute sits cross-legged in the northeastern portion of the room, a faint song can be heard by those who approach the skeleton. Tiles in the center of the room will release a dissonant note which forces a save vs hallucinations of song for 1 hour. Those that fail will hear a haunting song on even rolls of the wandering monster dice. Further there are stairs down to room 2.1

Room1.2 A mosaic on the floor depicts four black spirals each extending from a single white eye. Futher eight stone urns, each as tall as a man hold skeletons and mud within them. A corpse of a blond-haired man holds a broken shield in one hand and a sword (Bane(Men)) in the other. The man's armor is rended and his intestines spill out from him. The pommel of the blade bears an image of a raven.

Room1.3 A mosaic on the walls here is set in a pair of panels. The first panel depicts a large pyramids upon which a priest like figure holds up a heart above a corpse below the shining sun. The second panel depicts the sun cracked in two and a large slug descending from the sky towards the pyramid.

Room1.4 A trio of ghostly figures stand in the southwestern portion of the room whispering among themselves. Each figure wears a leather curiass fashioned with feathers and holds a mace. Upon approach they will fade away muttering to themselves "We shall avenge the princess."

Room1.5 A wide gash runs through the center of the room creating a boundary separating the room into north and south sections. Those who carry light sources will be unable to cross the room as shadowy figures will materialize and grab their shadow preventing them from crossing the gash.

Room1.6 A series of alcoves extends along the western wall. Each alcove holds a panel which depicts a decapitated head in a increasing state of decay as the alcoves go from north to south.

Room1.7 A ghostly figure of a woman sits before a ghostly figure of a bald woman who cuts her hair with a knife. The figures dissipate into the darkness on approach but whispers of "We shall have our revenge," can be faintly heard. A pair half-insectile corpses lie un-moving each attempting to take a necklace of gold set with 2 sapphires (800s) from the other.

Room1.8 A stone panel upon the wall depicts a man-like figure which has a axe-like blade for a head and is surrounded by kneeling supplicants. Hallucinogenic gas fills the room, those that breathe it in will have hallucinations of corpses speaking to them for 1 hour. Whenever someone effected sees a corpse roll reaction. On positive corpse seeks to feed false information, on neutral is silent, on negative corpse curses those present and wishes them death.

Room1.9 Sets of alcoves flank each other, each containing a mummified figure slumped backwards. Three golden panels (700s), each roughly 2 x 3, depict a naked woman with figures kneeling before her. In the northern wall panel she holds a snake in either arm. In the southern wall panel she stands upon a hound. In the eastern wall panel she tears open her stomach revealing a skull.

Room1.10 A pyramid of human skulls has been erected upon the northern wall and the skull at the zenith is that of a dog. 5 Slimes

Room1.11 Slumped along the eastern wall is a skeleton covered in mud with a cracked skull. Amid a crowd of half-insectile corpses a skeletal figure is bound to a pillar by a chain. His right arm holds an impossibly thin length of stone upon which a blade of crystal rests, His left arm missing. The weapon is a Bane(Monsters) Long-spear.

Room1.12 A stone basin stands in the center of the room flanked by a pair of stone statues that hold hands. Traces of green pigment remain on the statues tracing an illusion of a muscular form. Each of the statues is of a blindfolded man.

Room1.13 A headless bearing a tattoo of an octopus on the chest clutches a scroll of vellum in his hands. The scroll of vellum shows a crude sketch of the island with a red circle around a skull set amid mountains. Written in elegant handwriting is "Retrieve the emerald flame".

Room1.14 The northern wall is covered by thousands of petroglyphs which spiral outward from a mosaic of a green comet. Eighteen skeletons prostate themselves before the mosaic. Signs of blood shed fill the room. Several skeletons each with the same rune in their skulls lie in puddles of mud. A trio of corpses clad in leathers lie dismembered and headless. slumped along the eastern wall is a headless corpse in rusted metal armor which has 2 sacks tied to it's belt. One sack holds 115 golden coins (10s each) while the other holds 5 emeralds as long as a man's finger (150s each)

Room1.15 A mosaic of dark blue shards covers the ceiling. Sigils are etched in white lines and a central orange sphere radiates jagged lines. A stone sarcophagus stands upright in the center of the room. Those that open the sarcophagus will be pulled inside by shadowy tendrils as the sarcophagus will close itself. Those swallowed up by the sarcophagus will be transported to room 1.34 and be taken prisoners by the monsters there.

Room1.16 The western wall of the room hold numerous alcoves all sealed by a portcullis. Past the bars are numerous skeletons each with rusted collars on their necks. Further there are stairs down to room 2.11

Room1.17 A 20' wide pit sinks 10' deep in the center of the room. Three sets of pews are arranged around the pit and holds dozens of skeletons. Inside the pit are a pair of skeletons each clad in shining armor. If one enters the pit ghostly visages will rise out from the skeletons and they will begin to clamor for blood (incurring a wandering monster check). One of the skeletons is clad in a suit of jade lamellar (1400s) the other is clad in a suit of pearl lamellar (1000s). If either suit is taken, the ghosts will being to boo and then will follow the party and double the chance of encountering monsters until there is a death of a living being. The eastern wall holds five alcoves. Within each alcove is a golden head (500s each) roughly 2' in diameter. Each head increases in decay as the head from north to south, the southern most golden head being little more than a skull.

Room1.18 Many skeletons (37) each with a rusted collar around the necks, fill the room each showing signs of violence.

Room1.19 Outside of a lip that is 4" around the room's perimeter, the floor is a 10' pit filled with 5' spikes. Pulling the lever in room 1.18 will induce a slab to fall down from the ceiling and create a path to every door in the room.

Room1.20 A pair of pillars stand in the western corners of the room. Each one is capped with a stone head with wide and flat features. A small waterfall makes up the majority of the eastern wall, pouring into a pool of bubbling water. Past the waterfall is a stone slab which depicts a pair of skulls facing each others. At the bottom of the pool is a stone chest which contains 300 golden coins (10s).

Room1.21 An orb of polished stone easily 10' in the center of the room softly reflects light.

Room1.22 A half-insectile corpse lies slumped along the eastern wall. Three arrows are embedded in the head and a wide gash extends along it's thorax.

Room1.23 A pair of almost invisible ghostly figures huddle in the southwestern corner and disappear into the walls if a light source is brought near. 10 Bound Spirits within Mud

Room1.24 A stone statue etched with brass in circular patterns stands in the center of the room. It holds a spear in it's left hand and rather than a face it bears a circular glyph on it's head. 11 Slimes. Further there are stairs down to room 2.19

Room1.25 Three panels on the wall each bear a mosaic. The left most panel depicts a howling hound standing above numerous corpses. The middle panel depicts a man with the face of a hound holding a skull in one hand and a mask in the other. The right most panel depicts a man with too many teeth wearing a crown flanked on either side by kneeling supplicants. A sword polished to a shine rises from the rib cage of an armored corpse, it's hands on the hilt. If one gazes into the sword one is able to make out a woman beckoning from the sword. She will introduce herself as the "Red Fang" and be able to teach the wielder how to prepare the sorcery of [Mirror Image].

Room1.26 A mosaic of 3 panels on the wall depicts a progression of images. In the first a kneeling man holds a spear in one hand and an orb in another. In the second the man's head is replaced with a skull and the spear pierces his chest. The last panel depicts his skull split into and a moth emerging from the spirals of his skull. 16 Bound Spirits within Mud

Room1.27 Upon entering the room silhouettes of wavering figures begin to appear along the walls. Upon movement of the torch the figures move in turn and it occurs to you that the figures are shadows cast by the petroglyphs etched in  the walls.

Room1.28 Upon entering the room, there is a flash and then motes of light appear to converge on the stone ceiling painted blue. Squinting in the dim of the complex, constellations are made out.

Room1.29 A stone slab 20' wide and 10' tall depicts dozens of isoceles triangles extending from the outer edges inwards like a vertical maw of teeth. The slab opens inwards if the song of the Ytori is played. In the center of the room is a an elevator with a lever. Those who pull the lever will descend down into the bowels of the earth over the course of a turn. The bottom of the elevator opens to a massive chamber in the earth roughly 250' by 250'. A field of a stone spearmen statues surrounds a 10' wall from which wet slopping sounds can be heard. Past the wall is a massive heart, the size of a house that beats seeps dark blood, bulging out from the remains of what may have been rib cage of some massive thing. Embedded within the heart are 8 needles, the size of spears, made of jade and gold (650s each), each time one is removed there is a number of removed spears in 8 of chance of the heart freeing itself and lashing outwards like a deranged monster (8HD), pulling men inside of it into it’s chambers where it crushes them to pieces. The heart regrows into the corpse in 3d6 days and it rises as a 100' titan destroying the complex as it crawls out of it.

Room1.30 A dozen stone masks, each with a fanged mouth, hang along the nothern wall of this room. A raised stone platform elevates a stone altar. Upon the altar, stands a golden statue of a kneeling woman wearing a crown (2000s). On either side of the of the altar is a pair of headless stone statues each holding a coiled serpent. The statue is clad in paralytic poison which lasts for 2d6 turns.

Room1.31 A stone statue of a man playing a flute stands along the southern wall. The statue's eyes will follow those who enter the room.

Room1.32 Several skeletons lie slumped down along the northern wall each with a flutes in their hands. Those who approach will hear a single song played. 10 Bound Spirits within Mud

Room1.33 A mosaic on the wall is hundreds of red shards assembled to become a large heron standing over a pair of headless corpses. Blood drips from the heron's maw and it holds a man's heart in one claw. Along the western wall is a stone altar, painted with concentric red and white lines, upon which a stone chest rests. On either side of the chest stand two stone statues of thin emaciated figures each pulling their mouth wider with their hands and showing teeth. If the chest is opened a terrible laughter echoes through out the complex. Inside the chest is a curved dagger made of obsidian and etched with silver. Those that touch the dagger with flesh have it fuse to their arm turning into a bladed appendage and it reduces their charisma by 4. If the blade draws blood from a living being it will slip into their flesh and turn them into a bladed monstrosity, granting them 1 HD and an extra attack.

Room1.34 From the ceiling, something drops drip into a puddle of glowing blue liqud. 9 Half-Transformed Nobles

Room1.35 Massive fallen stone lies in the center of the room

Room1.36 A head with the tattoo of a spider across the brow lies in a puddle of blood in the northwestern corner. 22 Petroglyph Shadows

Floor 2

Room2.1 A broken statue of stone lies in the southwest corner of the room, rather than a face it bears a single circular glyph. The broken statue spasms and shakes intermittently. Further there are stairs up to room 1.1

Room2.2 Amid blood splatter a pair of half-insectile corpses, both missing their heads, lie in the center of the room 2 Stone-Automatons

Room2.3 An alcove set in the southern wall holds the saffron heads of three woman each with their eyes gouged out. 18 Petroglyph Shadows

Room2.4 Upon a stone altar beset by either side by basins of burning oil is a golden skeleton (7000s), etched in writing, hanging in between a bisected Urn. The writing on the skeleton details a method to create Bound Spirits within Mud from skeletons. The process requires a weak of work per mud-man as well as 1 corpse and 100 silver in gold.

Room2.5 A cold current flows through out the room. Clouds of dust linger over the room and all in here bears a reddish hue from accumulated dust. There are two pairs of panels, half on the north and the other on the southern wall. Each panel is roughly 2' by 3' and depicts the sun in a different position in the sky and depicts farmers in different tasks. Each is made of gold (700s).

Room2.6 A corpse clad in rusted metal armor, missing both legs, clutches a roll of vellum in one hand and a broken dagger in the other. The vellum depicts part of a map now ruined by blood but the phrase "the song opens the ribcage" can be still made out.

Room2.7 A pair of dark stone panels depicts coiled serpents around a white triangle and a white pentagon.

Room2.8 In the center of this room is a 10' square hole which shows the room 1.35 below.
Room2.9 In the center of the room stands a pair of stone pillars and the eastern and western walls of the room each bears a portcullis. Behind the eastern portcullis are 17 corpses of slaves and behind the western portcullis are a pair of corpses of giant serpents. Upon the altar are a pair of diamonds one in the shape of a triangle and the other in a pentagon (1000 and 2500s). Taking the triangle diamond off the stone pillar has it sink into the ground and raise the eastern portcullis, likewise taking the pentagonal diamond will cause the stone pillar to descend into the ground and raise the western portcullis. Descend of both diamonds will induce mist to rise up into the room that will cause the corpses to animate.

Room2.10 This room is full of ash and the walls here bear numerous scorch marks. A pair of derelict stone statues stands along the northern wall flanking a stone altar. Upon the alar is a golden statue of a man in the fetal position with emeralds for eyes (1900s). Four stone squares rise 2 inches out of the floor. Each one will sink into the the floor if weight is placed on it. If all four are sunken into the ground then the statue upon the altar becomes visible.

Room2.11 The Gelded Prince Below the prince lies a great iron axe (+1 heavy weapon) as well as a necklace of 5 orbs. Two of the orbs are silver and may be evoked to cast [Obscuring Mist] while the other three orbs are golden and may be evoked to cast [Warding Line]. The Prince will offer these as payment to slay his sister. Further there are stairs up to room 1.16

Room2.12 A pair of naked women of saffron skin hang upside down from hooks embedded in their calves, blood dripping from where their heads used to be. Half-insectile corpse, bearing numerous gaping wounds, holds a sack of 130 golden coins (10s each) in one hand and sword in the other. A trio of skeletons, each with a leather collar on their necks holds a now rotted club. The Half-insectile Corpse is further clad in +2 leather armor and has a scroll of [Alter Visage] hidden on his person.

Room2.13 Eight stone urns, each as tall as a man hold skeletons and mud within them. Catatosh The Lord in Veins

Room2.14 A pair of statues made of stone and brass each holding a spear stand in the center of the room. Each stands the height of a man, but their shoulders are twice as wide. Rather than a face each bears a circular glyph.

Room2.15 The floor of this room is cross shaped intersection and four 5' square holes show the rooms 1.22 and 1.23 below. The Handless Princess

Room2.16 In the center of the room, floating a foot off the ground, is an a obsidian doorway. Past the doorway is spiral of black and purple flame. Those who step inside the doorway will be transferred to a platue of black stone underneath a dark sky. Upon the platue is a giant stone head of a woman with two pairs of horns, one on her brow and the other behind her ears. The head will announce her champion had fallen in battle and she needs a new one. If one accepts then the platue will crack open revealing a corpse and a ghost will rise from it a replace the one who accepted. [See Friedan at the end of the Monsters section]

Room2.17 The northern and southern portions of this room both have a 10' square hole which shows the room 1.14 below.

Room2.18 A naked woman of saffron skin has been nailed to the wall by her wrists. Her stomach has been cut and her intestines have been pulled out. A dozen arrows have been embedded in her head. 10 Transformed Nobles

Room2.19 A trio of ghostly figures stand above a pair of ghostly corpses menacing one another with their daggers. Each, clad in a loincloth and leather headband, accuses the others of being infected with "the vapors of rebellion." 5 Stone-Automatons Further there are stairs up to room 1.24

Wandering Monsters 1d8
1-2 2d6 Bound Spirits within Mud
3 3d6 Petroglyph Shadows
4 2d4 Half-transformed Nobles
5 2d6 Slimes
6-8 3d6 Terrible Insectile Slugs

Monsters within the Ytori Keep

2HD, Armor as none, 1d8 dissolving and attaches, morale 7
Blue liquid drips from the ceiling, forming into a coalition of blue bubbles which meander towards you. Slimy appendages extend from them and grab at the stone floor pulling it’s body towards you.

Bound Spirits within Mud
2 HD, Armor as leather, 1d8 slam or sacrifice self forcing save on target vs drowning, if golden face mask damaged then dies, morale as undead
From out of giant urns emerge men shaped from mud each wearing a thin golden mask. Terrible clicking sounds emanate from behind the mask and if removed a skeleton can be seen.

Half-Transformed Nobles
3 HD, Armor as leather + shield, raking claws for 1d8, once slain forces a save or their ghost attaches stealing 1 HP healed, the effect of multiple ghost is cumulative, morale 6
A pitiful creature which scitters on a pair of broken legs and multiple chitinous claws approaches you. What may have once been a face is contorted into a grimace of agony. The creature approaches hobbling onward, tears flowing down its eyes, it's spine crushed by numerous chitinous plates and a lopsided distribution of chitinous appendages.

Petroglyph Shadows
1 HD, Armor as leather, 1d8 bite, ambush on a 4 in 6, morale 8
An open eye hangs from the sigils on the wall, it tracks you as you wander inwards and then it runs along the wall, a series of lines contorting much like the surface of boiling water. It then goes on the floor and rolls towards you like a tumble weed.

Terrible Insectile Slugs
2 HD, Armor as chain, 1d8 bite with a [damage + 4] chance in 100 chance of cursing with loss of 1 point of charisma a day transforming into a Half-transformed noble once at 0 charisma, shine with unearthly green light from within as torch, morale 7
Slugs as long as a man is tall, covered in green chitin unfurl from their spherical shape and begin crawling forwards.

3 HD, Armor as plate + shield, spear stabbed for 1d8+1 or 1d6 conjuring fire by stabbing their spear into the walls which chases people at a range of 30', morale 12
A statues made of brass and stone looms before the torchlight standing the height of a man but with shoulders twice as wide. The face is replaces with a simple circular glyph holding a spear of stone in their left hands.

The gelded Prince, his eyes gouged out
5 HD, Armor as plate, 1d8 x2 lashing out wildly, each point of damage delivered incurs debt of 100xp, unable to leave the room, morale 11
A corpse of man, twice your height and of saffron skin, hangs from a pair of hooks embedded in his chest. His body bears two sets of bloody gashes, the first across his face. A pair of bloody craters, on either side of a nose, mare what may have once been a face of unparalleled beauty. A gash extends up from between the figures legs like that of a botched gelding. Ugly crickets, each with the face of a weeping woman and bodies as large as your hand, crawl along his body kissing and licking it intermittently.

The handless Princess, her throat slit
4HD, Armor as chainmail, 1d8 stealing vitality by sucking in air to a range of 20' or petrifying gaze range of 20', any melee attack which misses incurs 1d8 points of damage as she inhales vitality, unable to leave the room, morale 10
A naked woman, a head taller than any man you've seen, hangs from a noose. Her saffron breasts are covered with gore that slowly leeks from the gash along her throat like a red necklace. Each arm, supple and flawless, ends in bloody stumps. A single jade anklet hangs from a foot. Her face writhes as she casts her gaze over towards you opening a pair of golden eyes. The golden ring embedded in her nose quivers as she grimaces at your presence and the air grows deathly cold.

Catatosh The Lord in Veins
6HD, Armor as plate, 1d8 from ripping blood from your veins + save vs dying and becoming an attendant ghost, damage dealt can only be healed by breaking a curse, only harmed by magic weapons, must fail morale to give chase outside his chambers, morale 11
A crimson crown of shards rides on a bulbous latticework of pulsating sacks. Red ichor flows from fleshy bulbs slowly dripping down red tendrils wrapped together like the ligaments of an exposed wound descending from the crown. The tendrils then branch, organically like veins rather than roots, branching out into limbs granting the crowned figure the shape of a man. Behind the figure a scarlet cloak trails on the ground raised up by two spires rising up like pauldrons from the figures shoulders. The red figure slowly drifts ahead of a crowd of a gray, a sharp contrast against the bleakness of the congregation behind it. Vapors ebb and part as the gossamer grayness of their bodies hardens out of the mist. White eyes peer out of jagged and angular headdress with a vacant loathing reminiscent of the jailed leering at the free.

Level 4 HP 19 SV 9 Skills 1/6
S 13 E 8 M 8 T 11 W 11 C 8
Alignment: Chaotic
Sword may be evoked to cast harm
Weightless Armor as Plate making Evasion 11

Mountain Keep of the Ytori: A dungeon for characters level 3-5