Troubling Times

I do hope you are all staying safe in these difficult times. I am sure I am not alone in finding it difficult to sift through the masses of sometimes conflicting advice, plus lack of trust in our government in the UK is not helping, as I really don't believe they know what they are doing. Personally I am quite happy staying at home except for work and grocery shopping (assuming the hoarders have left us anything to buy) but trying to convince my 85 year old mother this is what she should be doing is another matter! If I don't take her out I know she will just get herself a taxi so I would rather it was me driving her to the shops, but then I feel complicit in putting her at risk. I think the sooner we are all told to stay home the easier it will be.

At least I won't be bored if we get put in lock-down... just think of all those unfinished and yet to be started projects. Recently I signed up for a twelve week art program called cvp so I know there will also be plenty of painting to do in the weeks ahead. For the first couple of weeks we have been creating Inspiration boards and looking at our motivation and desires etc. so there's not been any painting yet. So I decided I would tidy up my studio in an effort to clear some space for when the painting starts but in doing so I discovered a basket of my old Lino printing tools along with a couple of pieces of Lino.

An hour or so later I had made several prints and rather than tidy up my studio I had also created more mess... I'm good at that! But I did have fun.

So much fun, that the following day I went back and made another Lino cut, this time basing it on one of my book jacket embroideries.

Today, having run out of Lino I made a small stamp from a sheet of foam and made another little bird print. Don't ask me why I decided to go with the Robin Colouring because I don't know. However what I do know is, that come next Christmas when I decide to make Christmas cards I won't have a clue where I have put this stamp, assuming I even remember making it. 
And the studio has still not been tidied up!

As well as plenty of creative pursuits to keep me busy I also have this ever growing pile of books beside my bed. I think I would quite like some enforced reading time. I've been enjoying the Ruth Galloway novels by Elly Griffiths but I'm trying to alternate them with other books for a bit of variety. I'm also trying not to buy any new books so my reading matter does tend to depend on what I can find in charity shops, borrow from other people or pick up from our village book exchange... although that's probably not a safe activity any more! At the moment I am ready Rules of Civility by Amor Towles. It has the feeling of The Great Gatsby but far more enjoyable in my opinion. I loved his only other book A Gentleman in Moscow too and the story of Count Rostov who is placed under house arrest, unable to leave his hotel is probably rather apt for the circumstances we currently find ourselves. From Goodreads: "Unexpectedly, his reduced circumstances provide him entry into a much larger world of emotional discovery." I might just have to read it again.

So yes, there are difficult times ahead for all of us I think, wherever we live, but looking on the bright side not only will I get lots of painting, knitting, sewing, gardening and reading done... I might actually have time to write here more often because I do miss it when I don't!

What are your lock down plans?
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Troubling Times