Willow Bend Gift Guide – Presents for Everybody in Your Family

The holidays are officially here!  I love this season for many reasons but the main reason is that it is the season of giving. There is something so special about giving to others, whether it be our time or gifts. Unfortunately, we all get so busy that I believe giving goes by the way side through out the year and I love seeing people change their mentality to give back. 

While I truly believe our time is the most valuable gift, sometimes it isn’t available. Our family and friends are pulled in a million different directions and being able to spend time with others isn’t possible. While I love buying presents for others, I’ve made it a mission to really give them things they can enjoy. It sounds horrible that I just now started doing that but before I would give presents or things that didn’t mean much. While we all love “things,” my goal is to give presents that are outside the box or not your typical gifts. 

I’ve done a lot of shopping in stores this year opposed to online shopping. I don’t know if it’s because it’s a great excuse to get outside the house and enjoy the Christmas spirit or if it’s just better to physically see the gifts you are buying versus them arriving on your door step. 

One mall we frequent often is The Shops at Willow Bend. It’s a great place to shop and eat. I love meeting friends there for play dates with out little ones. The Shops at Willow Bend is a great shopping center because it has a large variety of stores and restaurants, there is truly something for everybody. I’ve done quite a bit of shopping there this year and wanted to share some of my favorite gifts I’ve bought so far.

For the Homemaker in your life 

If you’re buying for someone who loves to cook, Crate and Barrel is the way to go. They have the very best kitchen supplies whether you’re looking for a new dutch oven or utensils. They also have great stocking stuffers like this spatula and cookie cutter set. I love adding utensils to the top of presents to give it a special touch. 

For the Fashionista in your life

People who love fashion are usually difficult to buy for because they have their own taste and I hate trying to figure out exactly what they would like. One item that I have found most people who love fashion enjoy getting is a fashionable scarf. It’s a great accessory that they can make their own. Evereve at Willow Bend has so many great fashion staples for every budget. I’m crushing on this Border Leopard Scarf and might have to go back to buy one to keep for myself.

For the Man in your life

Men seem to be hard to buy for but after finding STAG at Willow Bend, it’s been my go to place for all males. STAG has everything a man needs for his shaving needs. One of their most popular items is the STAG Premium Beard Oil which is perfect for those men who like to tame their beard. The oil is crafted using all natural carrier and essential oils and is enriched with Biotin and vitamins D and E which is great for the underlying skin. 

For those who love to be Pampered

Nothing takes the holiday stress away like going to the spa and getting pampered. Giving the gift of relaxation is the perfect way to go for any busy person in your life. Mynd Spa and Salon offers gifts cards that are my favorite go-to when I’m unsure what someone would like. Everybody gets excited at the idea of a massage or facial. Mynd Spa is also a salon so they can also do your hair and nails during a visit! 

For those who have a Sweet Tooth

The Mallow Box is one of our favorite stores because of all their delicious offerings. If you’re looking for the perfect present for those who love sweets, grab a Mallow Box Variety Set that is a mix of delicious handcrafted gourmet marshmallows with lots of different flavors. Each sweet is made from scratch and pairs perfectly with a hot chocolate or coffee!

For the Exercise Guru

Once the holidays pass, many of us get in the mind set that we need to treat our body better whether it be by eating healthier or getting in more workouts. One gift I love to give is BootyQueen Apparel Bands. They are 2-3 times stronger than leading bands and will give you a serious workout. I love that you can grab them anytime throughout the day whether you are at the office or at home and get a quick 10 minute workout in. Each set comes with one pink band (beginner), one purple band (intermediate), and one black band (advanced). 

For the one who loves Jewelry

If you haven’t stopped at Trollbeads at Willow Bend, you’re missing out. Trollbeads has been around for decades. I love that they make jewelry that fits your style, memories and personality. You can add your favorite beads and lock to your bracelet or necklace to give it your own personal touch. I love the Trollbeads Limited-Edition Vine of Dreams starter bracelet that adds a touch of color and simplicity to your growing jewelry collection. It’s a great starter piece to introduce someone to the Trollbeads family. 

For the Foodie in your life

You can not go wrong with a gift card to one of the best restaurants in DFW – Knife Steak House. John Tesar knows what he’s doing in the kitchen and that restaurant never disappoints. A gift card for a nice dinner is always one of our favorite gifts to receive as well as give. Pick up one of John Tesar’s books at the restaurant called “Texas Steakhouse Meals at Home” to add to the gift card to make the perfect gift for any foodie in your life. (Also, don’t skip the bacon appetizer – it’s to die for!)

For the creative Kid in your life

We’ve been members of Crayola Experience since the day it opened. My son was barely even walking at that time and it was still an amazing investment. Crayola offers yearly memberships that include unlimited visits and discounts on some merch and concessions. It’s a great gift if you’re looking to give someone that gives all year round. Crayola also has a large retail store connected to the play area. This store has everything you can imagine from candy to workbooks to markers. It’s a fun store to look around and a great place for present buying. 

Willow Bend Gift Guide – Presents for Everybody in Your Family