Viva Carlos Product Review: EquiFuse Concetrate Paste

“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.”- Thomas Edison

This year I decided to make the switch from my long time favorite shampoo EquiFuse Citrafoam to their concentrated paste shampoo. I've been a big believer in their products and have used everything they've ever made.... literally. When the concentrate shampoo came out I was not quite ready to make the switch but over the summer I was running low on shampoo and Carey needed some extra items in her Smartpak shopping cart in order to get free shipping so I decided it was time to restock up on bath supplies.

Price: $21.99 and the container is small with it being concentrate (claims you get 50+ washes in a container) to 43 cents a wash. So technically a better value than their Citrafoam shampoo.

I don't actually bathe that much (used to bathe horses a lot more pre-multi year drought) so the first time I bathed Dante with this shampoo was before the horseshow blood bath in October. I would say it doesn't sud up nearly as well as the CitraFoam, nor does it smell as amazing (still has a pleasant more subtle scent), but it still does a great job of getting the deeply embedded fine dust off my horse and the sensitive skin boy had no reaction to the product either. I only bathed him once at the horse show too, he had a couple hosings but otherwise was able to keep his cleanliness and softness intact.

The next time I bathed Dante was the day before I clipped him this weekend and he stayed silky smooth with no other shine sprays added on after which made going through his coat like cutting through room temperature butter.

All in all I'd say this is another great product made by EquiFuse, I think if I'm looking at saving money this is the way to go but if I want my horse to smell clean for far longer than he is actually clean, then the CitraFoam is the way to go.

Viva Carlos Product Review: EquiFuse Concetrate Paste