Listicles: Top 12 Paris Letters of all time

I just recently discovered the word Listicles. Isn’t that the funniest word ever? It refers to articles that are really lists… Top 10 This and Top 10 That. It got me wondering about which of my Paris Letters is are the top sellers. Turns out, there are clear winners according to you, dear reader. And because my Etsy shop stats are easy to navigate, I thought I would present the top 12 Paris Letters. Voila!

And in more detail…

1. Montmartre. This sweet letter made it all the way to National Geographic Traveler. Way to go!

2. Les Deux Magots. Would this letter have been as popular without the weirdly named café? The answer is yes, because it is on a wonderful pedestrian-friendly corner and the light shines down mid morning in an oh-so-magical way. Plus they serve hot chocolate that is just as thick as Angelina’s. You heard it here folks. This letter is about famous writers who sat at the café. And yes, I sat at the café when writing this letter. But I’m not famous. I mean, a lot of people think I am, but not people who know me.

3. Hemingway’s Apartment. A lovely little side street and major thoroughfare of his book A Moveable Feast.

4. Bookstores and the Flâneur. Seems the books are a popular choice for letter readers everywhere. This is a letter about strolling around Paris and popping into bookstores.

5. Shakespeare & Company Café. This is a new-ish café next to the famous bookstore of the same name. And it’s packed. Decent coffee.

6. Eiffel Tower on Bastille Day. I think this is a popular one mostly because of our darling Eiffel Tower. This was the original sketch that I plopped on my book covers, too.

7. When the Seine Floods. It floods all the time. Makes fun headlines. And media-induced panic. Most residents doesn’t worry too much about it unless the tops of the bridges start getting wet.

8. Notre Dame in Spring. Featuring our darling spires that went up in flames this year. I wrote this a few years before the event.

9. Carousels & New Year’s Traditions. Paris parks a bunch of carousels around the city for the season. They were creating InstaShooting long before Instagram.

10. Zelda & F. Scott Fitzgerald. Ah yes our fiery pair of literati. This is about the lovebirds sitting in Paris cafés and dreaming up articles and books. Right in many of same cafés that still grace Paris boulevards.

11. Paris Lamps and November. It is so flippin’ dark in Paris in November. It feels like the sun goes down by 3 pm. Maybe this isn’t true, but it sure feels like it. The bright side is that the lamps glitter up the streets… pun intended.

12. Christmas Markets.I think Christmas markets hypnotize a person into buying things they don’t need… goopy melted cheese things, itchy mittens and scarves, boxes of stale chocolate. But like a moth to a flame… I cannot… help…. myself.

If you want to buy them for you or a friend. I made a bundle over at my shop. Sent flat in one package and personalized to the receiver to make it easy for gift giving under the tree. And that’s not all…

The Silver Collection is the 12 second place winners (so 13-24) Many of these haven’t been out as long as the Gold winners, so haven’t earned their online street cred yet.

I almost called the Bronze Collection the Artist’s Choice Collection because these newer letters have a bit more experience behind them. And I have a soft spot for Bronze, since Canada wins so many of them. *happy face sad face*

The holidays hath begun. Let the listicles commence! Get your Top 12 Paris Letters over at the shop.

Listicles: Top 12 Paris Letters of all time