Deadpool Will Reportedly Get To Interact With All The Major Marvel Heroes In MCU

From the second Disney completed their takeover of Fox, Deadpool 3 was the subject of more speculation that almost any other comic book movie in recent memory. A lot of the talk focused on the rating, with Marvel Studios having to weigh the pros and cons of parachuting an R-rated character into their family friendly shared universe, while making the Merc with a Mouth PG-13 would neuter a lot of his appeal.

Now that Kevin Feige has confirmed Deadpool 3 as an R-rated entry into official MCU canon, we at least know what form the project is going to take, but the when, where and how still remains under wraps, and it’ll stay that way for while with the movie not expected to start shooting until at least the middle of 2022 given Ryan Reynolds’ hectic schedule.

Deadpool 3 Loses His Mind Over Joining The MCU In Bloody Fan Poster
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Insider Daniel Richtman is claiming that Reynolds and Feige want Deadpool to interact with all of the MCU’s marquee names across the entire upcoming slate of feature films and Disney Plus exclusives, which admittedly smacks of the incredibly obvious. After all, we’re talking about one of Hollywood’s most famous faces joining the world’s biggest franchise as a massively popular character with a huge built-in fanbase, so it isn’t like they’re going to keep him at arm’s length from everyone else.

If we’re not getting Deadpool 3 for at least a couple of years, then multiple cameos in the most unexpected of places is the best way to go. Not only that, but surely the foul-mouthed assassin will get the honor of dropping the first genuine F-bomb in a PG-13 MCU blockbuster, with none of the 23 movies to date having utilized their solitary ‘f*ck’ as of yet without cutting it off or bleeping it out.

Deadpool Will Reportedly Get To Interact With All The Major Marvel Heroes In MCU