Treasure those Memories … part 1 … Carbis Bay for G7 Summit 2021


Nothing like peregrinating … which I’m still doing after last week’s ‘new year’ … my brother’s card was ‘don’t count them (good thing) … just ‘Treasure those Memories’

… fortunately life comes to my rescue … as the G7 Summit 2020 is coming to Cornwall in June 2021 … and, of course!, they’ve chosen Carbis Bay … where I learnt the importance of enjoying life: not many clothes, with possibly a bucket and spade on that beach.

Penwith - the western end of Cornwall
(St Ives at top)
So be it … don’t get too agitated … that’s it really … but I thought I’d do a couple of (few) easy posts along treasuring memories about Cornwall and the Carbis Bay region.

My grandmother with her 2nd husband had a house on the road down to Carbis Bay beach … it’s about 2 miles outside St Ives – the picturesque seaside town that was my grandfather’s hometown … where his family had been a major force, before an accident killed him in the early 1920s.

Aged 2 1/2 perhaps?
So I have many memories of days spent in St Ives, of staying in Carbis Bay … and of seeing my father’s grandmother, (who was a Londoner) living opposite the Bed and Breakfast we stayed as kids for holidays.

Carbis Bay beach 21st C
Those childhood holiday memories have been coaxed back to life … our history of where we began.  I’ll enlighten you a little in the coming posts … shortish but with some of my background … starting with today’s nakedness on Carbis Bay beach!

Tiny twisty lanes

I am somewhat worried about the decision to hold the Summit down there … do they know how tiny the lanes are?  Gridlock is coming … I suspect … and perhaps other things, especially if they haven’t sorted the fishing industry out by then

Idealised Great Western Railway
poster +/- 1920s

More Treasure those Memories to follow … it’s certainly bringing that era back into childhood focus … while knowing it’s where our maternal roots came from …


Hilary Melton-Butcher

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Treasure those Memories … part 1 … Carbis Bay for G7 Summit 2021