1989 Ferrari Mondial T

We bought our first Italian car in Atlanta, GA, where this Mondial T is located. We flew in from Indiana and drove it back overnight. Our car was a 1989 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde. Readers will have varying opinions on the styling of the car and its place in the Alfa hierarchy, but our experience has been that it takes a lot of explaining to friends and acquaintances - until you drive it, that is.

We think the Mondial suffers from a similar reputation. While we're on board with the proportions and styling, it does come across as an odd shape to those used to the 308's classic lines. But, when you take into consideration the mechanical underpinnings, the credibility as a 2+2 sporting car starts to mount. As opposed to earlier Mondials, the T sports a 32-valve 3.4L V8 mounted in the longitudinal orientation. At 300hp coming in at 7200RPM, you'll be hard-pressed to label the engine experience as anything but Ferrari.

1989 Ferrari Mondial T black rear quarter

Year: 1989
Model:  Ferrari Mondial T
Engine: 3.4L V8
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage:  40,292
Price: $75,000
Location: Atlanta, GA

1989 Ferrari Mondial T black interior tan

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In 1989 there were 43 Ferrari North American dealers, each dealer received a Mondial t Coupe. That makes the Mondial t Coupe pretty rare today, add to that the color combination of ours should move it up the desirable ladder.
This one has a Ferrari factory sunroof. We haven't seen one before.
The previous owner owned this car for the past dozen or so years. before we offered it for sale our Ferrari certified technicians completed the major engine out service

We have literally gone from the front to the back of this coupe t ensuring we deliver the best possible car to you.with documentation

Now it's your turn to enjoy part of this cars life, whether as an investment, as a daily driver or even that 2+2 Ferrari that you and your friends can love.
Thank you for looking at out 1989 Ferrari Mondial t coupe we have for sale, please contact Merling Auto Group for assistance.

Highlights Include:
Major/Engine-out service completed
Power-operated sunroof
Two sets of keys
Original owner's manual set
Spare tire included
Service records (upon request)

1989 Ferrari Mondial T engine 3.4L

With the longitudinal arrangement comes one consequence though: belt access. In order to service a Mondial T's belts and water pump, the engine must be dropped. Not a deal-breaker for the home mechanic, but a bit more involved than the wheel well access on transverse-engined Mondials. Fortunately for potential buyers of this car, the selling dealer has completed an engine-out service, also known as a major service, to address those items.

In our minds, there is some unwritten rule against buying black Italian cars. We're 1 for 3 on that rule, and we'd break it again to get into this black on tan Mondial T. The Connolly hides show as well any that we've seen in front and in back, where we'd be tempted to throw some friends for a drive out to dinner. Hopefully they're not embarrassed about riding around in a Mondial - we wouldn't be!

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1989 Ferrari Mondial T