What’s making the nation sweet this summer?

Check out our Ice Cream Index to find out which summer spends make the top 20

Our latest research reveals that it’s the small things in life that give us true happiness per pound during the summer months.  

We asked Britons to consider 100 summertime spends and give them a happiness rating out of 1,000. The scores were then weighted alongside the cost of the items to reveal summer’s top feelgood items in our Ice Cream Index. Item scores were also influenced by how long it took people to decide; hovering over an item for a long period of time led to a lower score.

Our Ice Cream Index found that buying a bar of chocolate makes Britain happiest relative to price, while giving £1 to charity came in a close second. Check out our top 20 items below.

The top 20 shows that it’s truly about the little things in life that give us the biggest feel good factor during the summer months. With tasty favourites and items such as ‘a book’, ‘a home-cooked family meal’ and ‘cocktails at happy hour’ scoring much higher than ‘a high-tech drone’ and ‘a holiday in New York’.

A summer full of food

As well as chocolate and charity, the best way to a Brit’s heart is through their stomach, with 13 of the top 15 items in the Ice Cream Index being food and drink related.

Yorkshire puddings came in at 4 and the Cornish pasty came in at number 6. Unsurprisingly, local food products give people even more happiness in their respective regions. Even the widely loved Yorkshire pudding made Yorkshire people 10 per cent happier than people from anywhere else. 

Experiences in the sun

Experiences rather than products give people more happiness for the same amount of money, with holidays beating expensive tech items. 

People also report higher happiness levels from items they use on a regular basis than from something they only use once, or less frequently but which costs the same. For example, a Netflix subscription makes us happier than a one-off rejuvenation treatment, and we prefer an unlimited phone contract to a music festival.

When food and drink was excluded from the top 20, experiences dominated the list – check it out below.

How we’re celebrating this summer

Throughout July and August, we’ll be talking about our Ice Cream Index across all our social media channels, so give us a follow on Twitter & Instagram and like us on Facebook.

We also partnered with some friends from around the country to show us what their ideal feelgood summer day would look like. No matter what your budget is, our friends proved that you don’t need bags of cash to feel good during the summer months. From days out with family and friends, to visiting galleries and soaking in some culture, and of course enjoying some delicious summer treats, our friends will be serving up feelgood inspo over that anyone can enjoy.

To celebrate our Ice Cream Index even more, we’re giving one lucky person and a friend the chance to win their #FeelGood day out. We’ll be announcing more details in the next week on our Twitter and Facebook – keep your eyes peeled if you’d like to be in with a chance of winning!

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What’s making the nation sweet this summer?