Hyuna and E'Dawn attract attention with their sweet couple date

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Hyuna has shared her sweet couple date with E'Dawn.

On the 4th, Hyuna shared several photos on her Instagram and showed off her perfect body and long legs in a short outfit while enjoying a leisurely time with her boyfriend attracting attention.

Fans left her comments on the post, cheering on both her and E'Dawn for their beautiful love.

In the meantime, Hyuna announced her public relationship with E'Dawn last year.

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  1. [+928, -30] That's why they call them flowery twenties. The best time of your life. 
  2. [+697, -2] Young and pretty
  3. [+39, -1] It's better to love like Hyuna without care of what others think so that you don't regret later when you break up. At her age you have the luxury to enjoy dating. 
  4. [+30, -4] They really match well together. I'm happy for them 💖
  5. [+27, -2] I envy her for being able to enjoy life
  6. [+25, -1] Why does she look so pretty here?...She's at the right age anyway...date well
  7. [+24, -2] She looks so carefree and pretty. I had a lot to say too when I found out she was dating him but I guess they match each other well. They look so happy and comfortable with each other. 
  8. [+24, -0] You guys are so beautiful in love. I'm happy for you now. Regardless of what you do in the future I'll support you. Just stay happy. 
  9. [+19, -6] I'm Hyuna's age too ~~~! Enjoy your youth as much as you canㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  10. [+17, -2] It looks like they're having a good time together 
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Hyuna and E'Dawn attract attention with their sweet couple date