British Airways Is Closing All Airport Lounges From Thursday November 5, 2020

As the UK enters a new lock down British Airways has confirmed that they will close their airport lounges effective tomorrow, November 5th 2020.

This will leave those passengers who are still able to fly ex London in the dry even though the amount of flights leaving will likely be minimal with very light loads.

As I wrote a couple days ago England will undergo another one month lockdown (minimum) from tomorrow November 5th and this will also impact businesses that provide sit in services with food and beverage catering as well as travel activity in- as well as outside the country unless for specific work purposes.

British Airways has reacted to this with reducing their schedule once again:

Following their announcement there have also been rumors going around that BA would close down all their airport lounges and I sent a Tweet to British Airways asking about the lounge situation.

In the past British Airways has provided passengers eligible for lounge visits with a voucher that can be used at f&b outlets in the terminal. It’s unclear if such measure will be taken this time around.

I checked at the Priority Pass website and the Aspire Lounge at LHR Terminal 5 appears operational for now:

Of course there is no guarantee that this will remain to be the case for the future and that PP holders will be able to gain admission at all (sometimes they refuse entry citing capacity reasons).

There has been chatter going on about BA just using the national lockdown as a cost cutting reason to shut their lounges and that the restrictions in fact do not apply to airside establishments. The fact that the Aspire Lounge remains open would confirm that.


Unfortunately more cutbacks for BA customers for the time ahead. Too bad because their overhauled lounge product was apparently not too bad at all as John reported back in mid September.

It remains to be seen how many passenger are going to be there at all given the travel restrictions implemented by the government. Work related travel is still allowed and I’d say repatriating back home for nationals of other countries as well. Still T5 and the rest of LHR will likely be a ghost town.

British Airways Is Closing All Airport Lounges From Thursday November 5, 2020