Option A vs. Option B

I’ve been facing a decision concerning the future of my career that is very present on my mind and my heart. I have two options: Option A, which is to stay at my current school, or Option B, which is to go to a new school.

My heart leans towards Option A for obvious reasons, but my head says Option B is the wiser choice.

What does tarot say?

I asked the Antique Anatomy Tarot for the current energy for each option and Everyday Witch Tarot for the outcome for each option.

Option A — The current energy is Three of Blades, and the outcome is Ten of Wands.

Option B — The current energy is Death, and the outcome is the World.

My heart is heavy, but if I go with Option A, which is the more “sentimental” option, my work will be cut out for me, and it will lead to heavy burdens, as anticipated. Things are not going well at all at my current school, and there is a lot of work to be done to fix things, which is why Option B is even in the picture. Option B, for obvious reasons, would be a very big change for me, but ultimately would lead to fulfillment and success.

Option A vs. Option B