Sunday Funday – No Sports, Month 2 Edition

Did you ever think that it isn’t the competition that draws you in but the description of it by one of America’s golden throats? Did you ever wonder if that announcer could make watching the grass grow exciting? Looks like we are mighty close to finding out.

Lots happening with many fewer moving parts.

  1. “We’re in deep shit” read an email concerning unpreparedness for the coronavirus to what whistle blower as he recounted it before a House investigative committee last week?
  1. What senator gained some notoriety when she asked questions with her mask half on, half off in a Senate investigative hearing? 
  1. “Not an acceptable answer” said Donny Corona about an answer given by what epidemiologist in a Senate hearing this week?
  1. What senior administration official said he had not decided whether or not to hold elections this fall yet?
  1. Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden raised eyebrows when he said he would not pardon whom?
  1. What senator had his cell phone confiscated by the FBI in an investigation into insider trading?
  1. 66 years ago today May 17, 1954 SCOTUS decided Brown v. Board in the case that ended school segregation in the US. What was the vote in the case?
  1. There are a few sports announcer working right now as ESPN is showing baseball games being played in what country?
  1. The Iowa counties with the highest number of coronavirus cases right now are what?
  1. Last night what former president and First Lady hosted a national graduation commencement ceremony?
  1. May 20, 1927 what young flyer flew from Roosevelt Field on Long Island and landed in Paris some 33 hours later?
  1. Everyone in the West Wing of the White House now wears a protective mask except for whom?
  1. The SCOTUS heard two cases that were broadcast for the first time. Both cases concerned what subject?
  1. Senate Majority Leader Moscow Mitch in a live streamed event Monday night laid the blame for the coronavirus outbreak on what person?
  1. Unlike other businesses that were expected to reopen in Iowa on May 15th, the legislature once again set their reopening back, this time to what date?
  1. Despite pressure from Donny Corona, Senator Lindsey Graham refuses to call who in the GOP’s newest conspiracy scandal Senate investigation?
  1. What major tech company announced last week that some of its workers may be working from home permanently?
  1. The governor of what state is battling with Native Americans who set up coronavirus checkpoints on their reservations?
  1. In a tweet, Donny Corona implied that what MSNBC host and former congress member had murdered a congressional intern?
  1. Angered at reopening restrictions in his home state, what automobile company CEO threatened to move his company out of that state?



  1. Dr. Rick Bright
  1. Susan Collins of Maine. Indicative if her problems saying where she stands on an issue
  1. Dr.  Anthony Fauci
  1. Jared Kushner. You may wonder what he even has to do with elections.
  1. Donny Corona
  1. Richard Burr of North Carolina
  1. Unanimous 9 to 0
  1. South Korea
  1. Polk and Woodbury
  1. Michelle and Barack Obama
  1. Charles Lindbergh
  1. Donny Corona
  1. Presidential finances and whether the president can be involved in court cases while president
  1. Former President Barack Obama. Mitch has been hitting the moonshine, methinks
  1. June 1st
  1. Former President Barack Obama – their fevered minds have come up with something they call “Obamagate”
  1. Twitter
  1. South Dakota.
  1. Joe Scarborough
  1. Elon Musk of Tesla

#TrumpGate is worse than Watergate, worse than Bridgegate, and worse than every other “gate” that has happened in America.

Name another “gate” that caused the deaths of 80,000 American citizens in 2 months.

Go ahead…we’ll wait. – Brooklyn Dad Defiant


Sunday Funday – No Sports, Month 2 Edition