I’m sure that you can tell that project bags by Nikki's Notables are a favorite of mine 😊

They show up in a lot of my photos

And I think I have almost collected one (or more 😉) for each season / holiday.

How can you resist?!

Nikki is so creative with her fabrics, zippers and zipper pulls, 
That each one becomes an immediate favorite! 

I recently had Nikki create two new custom bags for me 
And I am serious when I say that they are 

Do you want to see them?

I sent Nikki a charm pack of “Garden Notes” by Kathy Schmitz 
that I have been saving for a rainy day...

And look at the back!
It makes me happy just to admire it ☺️ 


A French General Bag!!!
Be still my heart ❤️ 

This will be such a perfect remembrance of my trip to French General just a few months ago 
(yet it feels like a different lifetime)
I’m sure that both of these will start appearing in my photos shortly.
As soon as I stop spending time admiring them and get back to stitching...

Stop by Nikki’s Etsy Shop to see all her lovely creations, 
But be sure to save a few for me 😉

"Do not owe anyone anything—except to love one another. 
For the one who loves another has fulfilled the Law."
~Romans 13:8

Blessings, Patti

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